Molecular distillation is a special liquid liquid separation technology, operating under extremely high vacuum.He is according to,the molecular motion of a different material has different mean free path of the physical characteristics and achieve the purpose of separation,and the liquid at a temperature below the boiling point will be the separation,and is especially suitable for the separation of high boiling point,heat sensitive and easily oxide system.

Because of its boiling point distillation temperature is lower than the material,distillation pressure reduction,heating time is short, high characteristics and high degree of separation,which can greatly reduce the separation cost of high boiling point material,excellent protection of sensitive material quality.The molecular distillation technology is used for the purification of natural health care products and functional oils, etc. it can get rid of the shackles of chemical treatment,and it can keep the pure natural properties.

The advantages of molecular distillation

1.Short residence time of the feed liquid

Rotating scraper push the material on the heating surface and the material liquid spiraling continuously moves down and escape from the heating surface, the material which is separated escape from the heating surface was quickly collected by condenser cooling, this method has to minimize the contact time of material and heating surface.

Successfully eliminates the thermal decomposition, polymerization, or metamorphic.

2.Low evaporation temperature

Under high vacuum degree, short path distillation equipment through material liquid distributor and rotating scraper to make material be uniform distribution on the heating surface, reducing the pressure difference which is generated on material static liquid surface.As the result the volatile will evaporates.  The vapour will be condensed in separate condenser and the liquid will be drawn as heavy product or goes to the next stage. This process is an efficient thermal separation technique with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality.

3. Without boiling bubbling

Short path molecular distillation is the free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer, which is carried out under low pressure. Since there is no dissolved air in the liquid, the entire liquid cannot be boiled during the distillation, so without bubbling.

4. Non-toxic,harmless, non-polluting, no residue, can get pure and safe products.

Molecular distillation process is an efficient thermal separation technique with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality. So most suitable used for the extraction of cbd oil or natural health products, etc. It can get rid of the shackles of chemical treatment methods and truly maintain the natural characteristics.

5. High efficiency evaporation, strong adaptability, easy operation

Rotating scraper makes the material be uniform distributed on heating surface as a film, the liquid film always
maintain high turbulence state, which accelerates the heat transfer to reduce the heat loss.Simple structure, convenient cleaning, freedom of start-up and shut-down, suitable for many varieties, discontinuous small chemical production.

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