Nowadays jacketed glass reactor has been widely used in all kinds of laboratories and scientific research units, but only rely on one set of jacketed glass reactor can not accomplish the experiment, some corollary lab equipments must be matched use with the jacketed glass reactor. Do you know what’s the indispensable lab instruments for jacketed glass reactor?

The main corollary equipment for jacketed glass reactor is high and low temperature circulating pump and vacuum pump . High and low temperature circulating pump is the temperature control device which offering stable heat or cool source for experiment; vacuum pump is the vacuum acquire and control device which offering stable vacuum environment for experiment.

High and low temperature circulating pump is the external circulating device, applicable for small-space working environment. By smart temperature controller to programming and the temperature sensing system feedback temperature data to accomplish refrigeration. Heating function is realized by heater, medium temperature will be adjusted to suited temperature through rapid cold and heat process, then delivery to external equipment of jacketed glass reactor. When its matching equipments such as jacketed glass reactor, rotovap, extraction equipment require rapid temperature rising or cooling, the pump can make it. It can quickly switch between cooling and heating, and the medium is the same one which no need of changing, really convenient.

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