Deep freezers are the testing equipment that are used to preserve and store food products, medical equipment, blood samples, medicines and injections, etc. for a long period of time. Deep Freezers are used for industrial purposes as well as for household purposes. Moreover, deep freezers are also used in restaurants and supermarkets to preserve the raw food for a long period of time.

There are numerous types of deep freezers such as blood bank refrigerators, freezer drier, ultra-low deep freezer, deep freezer vertical and many more. These devices are available in different sizes and shapes sometimes it is designed with compact designs and sometimes with regular designs. The specifications and functions of the instruments varies as per the requirements of the test application.


Chest deep freezers

Chest deep freezers look a lot like other chest freezers. They tend to be large and they open from the top rather than the front. They offer quite a bit of storage space, but without the shelving upright medical freezers have that allow for orderly organization. Chest deep freezers are especially useful in cases where you need to be able to fit large items within the device. Unlike a deep freezer you’ll see in homes, they often come with some of the same special features found in other types of medical freezers, such as alarm systems to alert users if the temperature changes, digital temperature displays or a lock on the door.


28L, 50L, 108 L, 158 L, 208L,  308L, 418L,  468L, 668L, 1000L.

Upright deep freezers

Upright deep freezers are one of the most common types you will come across. They come in a variety of sizes. You can find small ones that fit easily on a counter, an ideal solution for offices with limited space or only needing to store a small quantity of samples or medications. From there the sizes available will gradually grow larger, with the biggest capacities designed to satisfy the storage requirements of research facilities or hospitals.

Upright deep freezers often include some shelving to allow users to take optimal advantage of the space available. The upright design is useful for minimizing the space the freezers take up, particularly for the larger models that don’t take up much floor space for the amount of storage capacity they offer.


30L, 50L, 80 L, 158 L, 328L,  400L,  550L, 638L, 750L, 838L,  938L.

Deep freezer

Ultra-low temperature freezer

Some types of materials require especially low temperatures. In these instances, you will likely need an ultra-low temperature freezer. These are designed to reach temperatures as low as -85° or -86°, making them an ideal appliance for any facility that requires a consistent temperature to properly store sensitive materials. Ultra low temperature freezers are typically great for consistency and power, but they may also use a lot of energy to maintain those extra low temperatures. This is important to note, as it is possible that you will see a little extra cost when it comes to your energy bill.


30L, 50L, 80 L, 158 L, 328L,  400L,  550L, 638L, 750L, 838L,  938L.

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