It’s no exaggeration to say that jacketed reactors have revolutionised the way in which labs operate. The ability to accurately heat and cool a reaction is critical for safety and the quality of final product. Jacketed lab reactors are now commonplace, they have developed and evolved from the first basic designs, from being able to run reactions in parallel, to quick vessel changes.

When you need to buy a glass reactor for chemical lab, you need to figure out several important specifications of the glass lab reactor. For instance: volume, pressure requirements, temperature requirements, reaction medium and so on. Specific to say, the basic question of glass lab reactor procurement includes following aspects:

What volume is the most suited glass reactor for chemical lab?

The larger of volume, the higher of the price. Volume selection depends on specific experiment requirements. Usually volume under 5 liters is okay, glass lab reactor in oversize capacity is not suitable for the narrow experiment environment, and easy to waste solvents.

Do I need stirring function for my glass lab reactor?

Our glass lab reactors all equipped with stirring function, if you are no need of that, you can choose hydro-thermal synthesis, if you require high pressure reaction, please choose stainless steel or previous metal reactors.

What temperature does the experiment require?

Our glass reactor for chemical lab can react within -80℃ to 250℃, if it doesn’t meet your requirement, please consider other types of reactors.

What’s the reaction medium?

Commonly seen medium includes acid, alkali, salty material and hydrogen. Besides, the viscosity and pH valve should take into account. If the reaction material has high viscosity, it requires large stirring torque. And pH valve is related to glass lab reactor material, we use high borosilicate glass to manufacture the glass reactor for chemical lab, this material is resistant to most chemicals.

What’s the rotating speed?

General rotating speed reach to 280rpm/min, if it can’t meet your needs, please consult Lanphan technical staff to recommend suitable models for you.

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