1. Ask: rotary evaporator How does it work?

Answer: : negative pressure conditions, the evaporation in the constant temperature water bath pot bottle rotation, the solution to form a thin film in increase the evaporation area. Under the high-performance low-temperature evaporation, condensate recovery, separation of material enrichment.

2. Ask:rotary evaporator What is the core technology?

Answer: : Yes, gas-tight system, that is, the erosion in a variety of solvents, in campaign mode, the system can maintain a high vacuum. I plant R series rotary evaporator, the use of rubber PTFE composite material and glass sealing, the ability of various solvents, are durable and reliable air tightness can be maintained above the high-0.096MPa vacuum.

3. Ask: What’s the operating principle of Rotary Evaporator?

Answer: Under the condition of negative pressure, instrument evaporating flask is under unceasing rotation in the thermostat water bath , which makes solvent and solution form a thin film in bottle wall, so as to increase the evaporation area of solution. Evaporating efficiently under low temperature, then condensate recycling through condenser pipe and concentrate to isolate the material to reach experiment requirements.

4. Ask: What core technology does Rotary Evaporator have comparing to similar products?

Answer: : The key is system’s gas tightness and high vacuum degree when operating. Henan Lanphan’ s R series instrument, which adopt composite material four fluorine rubber and glass capsulation, can stand all sorts of solvent, has reliable gas tightness and can maintain a high vacuum degree above -0.096MPa.

5. Ask: What factor decides the working efficiency of Rotary Evaporator?

Answer: : For the same type equipments, it’s restricted by some material’s thermolability, the steam temperature may have certain limitation when working, so high vacuum degree and low cooling water temperature are two main factors for efficiency improving (can select cryopump to lower the temperature).

6. Ask: What’s the difference between vertical and inclined condenser?

Answer: : They have no difference essentially. Vertical condenser is gradually popular because of its small space usage and convenience for transportation and use. Most high-capacity instruments use vertical condenser.

7. Ask: What’s the design basis of main engine and water bath kettle rising and falling?

Answer: : The rising and falling method is different. It’s mainly from the consideration of convenience, safe and economical. Generally, small-size Rotary Evaporators below 5L use main engine rising and falling and evaporators which are above 5L use water bath kettle rising and falling.

8. Ask: What’s anti-explosion feature about R series Rotary Evaporator?

Answer: : Our company’s Rotary Evaporator adopt alternating current dynamo, stepless speed regulating (or frequency control), no electric brush and no spark in operation. Water bath kettle which goes with the evaporator adopts nitrogen-sealed relay control, silicon-controlled contactless switch and vacuum switch. Manual control switch adopt twice circuit control which make electric current less than 3mA and has favorable anti-explosion feature.

9. Ask: What’s the basis on Rotary Evaporator type selection?

Answer: : According to the solvent volume, 2L, 3L, 5L’s machine is fit for lab and sample test; 5L, 10L, 20L’s machine is fit for medium experiment; 20L, 50L’s machine is fit for medium experiment and production, especially suitable for the extraction of metal ion-avoiding polluted material.

10. Ask: How to select vacuum pump for Rotary Evaporator?

Answer: : For rotary evaporator’s matching vacuum pump, we recommend water-circulating pump which can bear all sorts of solvent corrosion and can vacuumize to -0.095MPa. According to the solvent volume, we can offer various vacuum pump types.

11. Ask: the impact of the efficiency of rotary evaporator What are the main factors?

Answer: : The specifications on the same machine, the main are: steam temperature, vacuum and cooling water temperature. Heat-resistant materials are not subject to certain constraints, the work simply can not indefinitely increase the steam temperature, the high vacuum and low cooling water temperature is to improve the efficiency of the two main factors (the use of cryogenic pumps, lowering the water temperature).

12. Ask: vertical and oblique condenser condenser What’s the difference?

Answer: : no significant difference in nature. Condenser as a result of vertical space in small, gradually be welcomed. Large-capacity vertical evaporator condensers generally.

13. Ask: host take-off and landing and take-off and landing in a water bath pot design is based on what?

Answer: : convenience, security and economic principles, the international community in general small machines (5L) in the host take-off and landing, 5L pot more than take-off and landing in a water bath.

14. Ask: R series of explosion-proof evaporator How?

Answer: : I plant the production of the rotary evaporator using AC motor, stepless speed regulation (or Frequency), no brush, no spark operation. Pot of water with the match were used to control Nitrogen sealed relays, SCR non-contact switch, vacuum switch. Manual control switch to control the use of the second line, control current of less than 3mA, explosion-proof characteristics of a good.

15. Ask: how to purchase various types of rotary evaporator?

Answer: : I am on the terms of the structure of production of various types of R series rotary evaporator good corrosion resistance and sealing. 2L, 3L, 5L machine is suitable for laboratory and sample test; 5L, 10L, 20L suitable test; 20L, 50L is suitable for test and production, in particular the need to avoid the application of metal ions in this material extraction.

16. Ask: rotary evaporator and the evaporator compared to other types of what?

Answer: : The main advantage is its compact structure, compact and efficient, intuitive work, no metal ion contamination. Apply to laboratory, pilot production and the extraction of valuable materials. The sealing performance of the machine can be comparable to foreign countries, but in appearance and user-friendly design could be improved.

17. Ask: rotary vacuum evaporator how to choose?

Answer: : We recommend water pump, the advantages of its corrosion-resistant variety of solvents can be pumped to a vacuum-0.095MPa (to meet the use requirement). Vacuum evaporator Volume according to the size, selection of different models, our factory can supply various models of vacuum pump package.

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