Glass reactors are used in the field of ideal testing and production equipment for modern synthetic chemicals and biopharmaceuticals and their new materials. Glass reactor in the use process will produce a certain amount of dirt and wear problems, for the normal use of users will be affected. So the user needs daily maintenance in the process of using the product, and can effectively prolong the life of the instrument. Therefore, learning more knowledge and skills as a high-tech product can help to play the role of the reactor. Serve us more industry needs, how to do it?

Maintenance of Glass Instruments

The main weakness of glass instruments is that they are easy to break. So, they should be kept in cabinet carefully, scientifically and in good appearance. Condenser and constant pressure funnel should be lying on special frame. Small parts which cannot be upright should be in the drawer. Foam or soft stuff should be lined under the parts to prevent rolling if needed. Ground glass and glass stopper are coupled, so one set cannot be applied to another set. They must be connected with strong thread or rubber band to avoid clutter. A piece of paper should be placed between Ground glass and glass stopper—it will prevent them stick together with time went by. (If it is difficult to open the glass parts, do not unscrew them hard by hand, it will be damaged. Alcohol lamp is helpful to solve this problem based on principle of expansion and contraction)

A General washing steps for glassware:
Glassware Instruments → Remove Stains → Tap Water washing(Flush) → Dry (Dry)
B glassware common stains washing:
(1) Grease: Wash with hot soda solution or sodium hydroxide solution, wash with washing powder,
(2) Iodine stains: Wash with alcohol or sodium hydroxide solution
(3) Sulfur: Hot NaOH Solution Boiling Wash
(4) Calcium carbonate: wash with dilute hydrochloric acid
(5) Iron oxide or iron hydroxide: wash with dilute hydrochloric acid
(6) Manganese Dioxide: Concentrated hydrochloric acid is heated,boiled and then washed.

Routine maintenance

1. Before use, be sure to check the glass reactor for damage and whether the interface is consistent. Take care when handling it.

2. Must keep the interface clean, so you can use a soft cloth to wipe, you can also vacuum grease film is a good way.

3. The interface of the reaction kettle can not be too tight, so to maintain a certain degree of looseness, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

4. When starting work, be sure to keep the machine running from low to high speed. At the same time, if you shut down, you must keep the machine stopped and rotate.

5. In the process of using the single layer glass reactor, if the PTFE switch is too tight, it will damage the glass.

6. After each use of the reaction kettle, it should be cleaned in time to keep the machinery clean and clean, so as to better improve the working performance of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the sealing ring regularly. It must be used during the process. Pay attention to the moisture-proof and waterproof performance to avoid the occurrence of conductive phenomena.

7. If you add accessories, you must choose authentic quality guaranteed accessories.

Therefore, mastering these scientific and reasonable glass reactor maintenance attention problems is more beneficial to the performance of our reactor, and careful maintenance is also more convenient to operate, which has improved the performance of the reactor and the service life. The important role, so mastering these maintenance knowledge is very important.

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