Regardless of the glass reactor business, the glass reactor is exaggerated, and it is not easy to determine the price of the glass reactor. The material of the glass reactor, the thickness of the glass used, the electromechanical equipment of the glass reactor, etc. The opposite of the price of the glass reactor.

The glass reactor itself is directly proportional to the price of the glass reactor, but we can’t eliminate the technical content of the glass reactor equipment. Although the skill content is only part of the equipment, the user should choose the reactor equipment, at least should know this, glass reactor , single-layer glass reactor, double-layer glass reactor. Our glass reactor series is a new type of variable frequency speed regulation single and double-layer glass reactor which is produced according to the customer’s actual request and scale. It has received the strengths of similar products in China and overseas, and at the same time is brave and innovative, not only easy to apply, but also The layout is fresh and applicable, the shape is beautiful and generous, leading in the sea, and it is the test of modern chemistry, fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceutics, new data decomposition and the ambition of the production.
1. After closing the package, check whether the important parts of the machine can be prepared according to the packing list.
2. Assemble the frame in accordance with the drawings as shown in the figure.
3. Install the electrical box on the top of the right rear pole and tighten the screws and insert the seven-pin plug. The vacuum gauge is mounted on the left rear end and the screws can be tightened.
4. According to the application height, the kettle circular bracket is firmly fixed on the vertical pole slider, and the kettle is placed on the bracket. The semi-circular hoop is used to firmly separate the neck of the kettle and pull out the pole slider. After tightening, tighten the screws. When assembling, pay attention to the vertical direction of the reactor body.
5. The stir bar is firmly on the toothed ring chuck of the electromechanical spindle. The stir bar passes through the central torsion bearing of the cover, tightens the common adapter, and then adjusts the position of the electromechanical, paying attention to the vertical concentricity.
6. The slider on the pole is a stainless steel multi-purpose clamp that firmly adjusts different directions and heights.
7. On the left side of the bottle cap, the 40# scale port plug-in type reflow condenser, the left 40# port is the feeding port to connect the constant pressure funnel, the middle and rear 24# port is inserted into the thermometer casing mouth, and the rear of the hat is the 34# standard port. It is a multi-functional spare port with a discharge valve at the bottom, and the height of the kettle body is separated into the inlet and outlet of the recirculation fluid. The lower port is connected to the liquid return inlet, and the upper port is connected to the return liquid return port.
8. The glass reactor must be clean when assembling the glass instrument. The interface should be coated with Vaseline to avoid the appearance of the glass lock, and then apply vacuum grease to prevent air leakage.
9. Press the universal wheel to firmly assemble and stop the stirring. If the mixing is stable, the debugging is good.

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