Rotary evaporator extracts cbd through extraction method. Because the main methods used to extract active ingredients (usually organic compounds) from plants include steam distillation, pressing and extraction. The distillation method is suitable for substances with high volatility, and the pressing method is suitable for the extraction of eschar materials which are liquid at normal temperature. Since the CBD has a boiling point of more than 400 degrees at normal temperature and pressure and is insoluble in water, the extraction method is the most suitable extraction method.

What is cbd?

cbd is a type of cannabinoid, which is the main chemical component of industrial cannabis and extracted from cannabis plants. The first feature of cannabisdiol is not addictive, and it has pharmacological effects such as antispasmodic, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory. The second characteristic is that it can also eliminate the hallucinogenic effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on the human body, which is known as anti-drug compounds.

What is the function of CBD?

cbd has significant medical value. And it not only has no hallucinogenic effect, but can reduce or offset the activity of THC, which is another chemical component in cannabis. THC is the cause of cannabis and addiction. cbd has the potential to treat a variety of diseases including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy and other psychiatric disorders. Many people want to know where to get cbd-rich products and how to use them properly to get the most out of them. For decades, in North America and elsewhere, only THC-rich cannabis products have been available to patients until now.

How use rotary evaporator in cbd oil extraction process?

Rotary evaporator is a fixture in many research, not noly as it’s a common & economical tool for solvent removal, but also as it’s an ideal instrument necessary for the concentration, drying and recycling.

Cannabis extracts require lower evaporating temperatures to minimize thermal decomposition, so we need to guarantee the process must allows the solvent to be removed in a controller manner under vacuum. This is why rotary evaporator is an idea solvent removing equipment during cbd oil extraction process.

Rotary evaporator whole set should include rotavapor, vacuum pump, vacuum controller and chiller.

It’s better to fill your cbd extracts sample in evaporation flask to 50% volume, power on vacuum pump and vacuum controller, the the pressure is reduced in rotary evaporator, the boiling point of the solvent(enthanol) is lowered, we could set and control an approprite vacuum to evaporation system lowers the boiling piont,so as to miniminze thermal decomposition of cbd extracts.

The water bath / oil bath of rotary evaporator could be started heating to 30-40℃, power on the chiller circulating bath, to control the condenser temperature, which could set to -10℃ to 0 ℃. Please wait the water bath and condenser temperature have reached your set points, the evaporation flask of rotary evaporator can start rotating from 150-200rpm. You will find a thin film on the upper surface of glass flask, which could increase the solution area and enhance the solvent evaporation rate.

During this process, suitable vacuum system is very important. When use rotary evaporator in cbd oil extraction process, ethanol is the common solvent in cbd extracts, in order to achieve a better target, we could set the vacuum to achieve an ethanol vapor temperature of 15-20℃.

Compared with wiped film evaporator, rotary evaporator is more economical for cbd oil solvent removal, and for rota evaporator, it’s very easily scalable, 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L Lab – Pilot – Industry wide capacity range, such as 50L rotary evaporator, you could choose 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L evaporation flask, this flexibility makes it very adaptable when processing cannabis.

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