Rotary Evaporator Series

  • 10L– 50L Rotary Evaporator (Rotovap)





  • Teflon(PTFE) and fluorine rubber double rotating seal, patent technology to ensure high vacuum
  • The temperature control system, accurate and reliable.
  • In does not affect the system and solution under the condition of vacuum distillation. continuous collection
  • The PTFE disscharge valve, corrosion resistance, no pollution.
  • We have two kinds of conventional and explosion-proof type, can be selected according to the experimental environment.

Technical Specifications

Model R-1005 R-1010 R-1020 R-1050
Evaporating flask 5L, flange opening: Φ50mm 10L, flange opening: Φ95mm 20L, flange opening: Φ125mm 50L, flange opening: Φ125mm
Receiving flask(L) 3 5 10 20
Speed-regulation DC stepless speed-regulation
Power supply 220V-240V, 50/60Hz 3~, 380V, 50Hz
Overall power(kW) 2.3 3.8 6.3 6.3
Rotation speed (rpm) 20~140 20~130 20~130 20~110
Power of motor(w) 250 250 250 250
Condenser Vertical type double coil pipe Vertical type, Main + auxiliary triple-circulating cold traps
Bath material Stainless steel 304
Temperature range RT~99℃
Temperature display Digital display
Sealing 20mbar/h
Evaporating Speed (L/h)(water) 2.0 3.2 5.0 9.0
Evaporating Speed (L/h)(Ethanol) 5.4 8.6 14.3 24.5
Lifting function Motorized Lift Motorized lift + Manual lift
Elevating stroke(mm) 0~150 0~160 0~190 0~180
Dimensions(mm) 835W×400D×1090H 990W×550D×1655H 1195W×635D×2070H 1345W×770D×2140H
Net Weight(kg) 60 85 115 200

10L/20L/50L Pilot system

  • 2L– 5L LAB Rotary Evaporator (Rotovap)






  • Rotary vacuum evaporator Under the vacuum condition, give the boil flask constant-temperature heating, it will  rotate at a constant speed, and liquid can form large area film on the bottle wall.
  • Rotary evaporator parts-the solvent vapor is cooled by a high efficiency glass condenser and recovered in the collection bottle, which greatly improves the evaporation efficiency.
  • Rotary evaporator is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products which can easily decompose and denatured at high temperature.
  • Evaporator use polythene & rubber for sealing, ensure high vacuum and rotating speed adjustable(step-less): 0-90rpm.

Technical Specifications

Model RE-201D RE-301 RE-501
Glass Material GG-17 GG-17 GG-17
Support Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel stainless steel
Shell Material Antisepsis Plastic Spraying 270*270*195mm Antisepsis Plastic Spraying 290*296*240mm Antisepsis Plastic Spraying 310*320*240mm
Inner Container Material Stainless Steel 250*140mm Stainless Steel 255*170mm stainless steel 280*170mm
Baseboard Size 280*330mm 350*330mm 350*330mm
Volume of Rotary Bottle 0.25-2L 24#Standard Aperture 3L ¢50 flange aperture 5L ¢50 flange aperture
Volume of Recycling Bottle 1L 24#Standard Aperture 2L 35# ground aperture 3L 35# ground aperture
Vacuum Degree 0.098Mpa 0.098Mpa 0.098Mpa
Rotating Power 40W 40W 40W
Rotating Speed 0-120rpm 0-120rpm 0-120rpm
Heating Power 1.5KW 2KW 2KW
Temperature Control Range of Bath Kettle 300℃ 400℃ 400℃
Temperature Accuracy ±2℃ ±1℃ ±1℃
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Up and Down Distance 120mm 120mm 120mm
Shape Size(mm*mm*mm) 700*440*885 700*440*885 700*335*1009mm
Package Size(mm*mm*mm) 590*460*460 0.12 m³ 1000*460*460 0.12 m³ 1040*620*410 0.26 m³
Package Weight (KG) 21 38 38
Speed Adjustment Mode Electrodeless Speed Regulation Electrodeless Speed Regulation Electrodeless Speed Regulation
Rotate Speed Display Mode Digital Display Digital Display Digital Display

2L/3L/5L Pilot system

Cannabis extraction equipment:Theory of rotary evaporator

  • Vacuum Pump



Technical Specifications

Power (W) 180
Power Supply 110v (1 Phase, 60Hz) or 220-240V (1 phase, 50/60Hz)
Flow Rate (L/min) 80
Lift (m) 10
Ultimate Vacuum (MPa) -0.098 (2KPa)
Single Tap Air Suction Amount 10
Tap Number 2
Safety Check Valve
Water Tank Capacity (L) 15
Water Tank Material PP
Dimensions (mm) 385W*280D*420H
Weight (kg) 11

  • Cooling Circulator




Technical Specifications

Model DLSB-10/30
Temperature range(°C) -30~Room temp
Temperature stability(°C) ±2
Cooling capacity (W) 10°C 1860
0°C 1240
-10°C 780
-20°C 310
-30°C 50
Flow(L/min) 12
Lift(m) 5~7
Bath volume(L) 10
Bath opening(mm) Diameter 210×250
Ambient temperature(°C) 5~25
Power Supply(V/Hz) 220/50
Overall Power(W) 1100
MaterialsOf Machine Casing SPCC steel with powder coating
Dimensions(mm) 510L×365W×800H
Weight(kg) 50

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