Glass reactors play an indispensable role in chemical laboratories. Improper use can cause serious consequences, so be sure to pay attention to safety issues. Let us introduce the safety of common glass reactors.

1. The temperature rises too fast: the material in the glass reactor is too fast, the cooling rate is low, and the condensation effect is poor, which may cause the material to boil, forming a vapor-liquid mixture to generate pressure, from the venting tube, the vapor phase tube, etc. Weak pressure and pressure relief systems such as safety valves and rupture discs are used for pressure relief. If the punching material cannot reach the submerged fruit of rapid depressurization, it may cause the BaoZha accident of the kettle body.
2, maintenance of hot fire: in the glass reactor reaction process, if no effective precautions are taken to carry out electric welding, gas cutting maintenance operations, or tightening bolts, iron strikes and knocking to produce sparks, once encountered flammable and explosive leakage Material may cause a fire in the BaoZha accident.
The above are several common safety problems of glass reactors. When using them in peacetime, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to, so as to avoid accidents as much as possible.
 Due to the characteristics of its glass materials and the iron frame for support, the glass reactor needs to pay attention to many details during the use. It is difficult to understand the problems existing in the double-layer glass reactor. I will introduce some of the problems that are easy to be ignored Matters.
The glass reactor is used as a reaction amplification test device, and the volume is usually 50-150L. The volume can be customized in a specific case. Therefore, the scale of the test should not be underestimated. Since the kettle body is made of glass, stainless steel is the bracket and the legs are casters, the storage position needs to be carefully selected.
Although the casters can be fixed with a foot buckle, the stability is not strong. Therefore, pay attention to choose a flat place during storage, lay flat, keep the mechanical mixing center and the reaction kettle consistent, otherwise it is easy to shake and unstable, and a safety accident must be placed in a place with good ventilation.
For the explosion-proof design of the glass reactor, the motor and the power controller are mainly set as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof switches and explosion-proof power controllers. General manufacturers can provide installation, the cost is slightly more expensive, but it is worthwhile for safety. Because the amount of solvent in the reaction is large, the surrounding air is prone to high concentration. Therefore, all the necessary gas alarms are required in the workplace. Do not stack solvents or debris around the reactor, and keep a safe passage.
The glass reactor is an independent reaction rack. Unlike the industrial reactor, there is a reaction rack, and the reserved feed port is small, so the feeding process is difficult. The amount of one-time feeding should not be too large. According to the temperature, reflux and pressure of the reaction, the evaluation is carried out, and the appropriate amount of the material is added. Generally, the large feed amount should not exceed 2/3 of the kettle body.
According to the required reaction temperature, temperature control media with different properties are selected as the heat transfer medium for the reaction. Low temperature, choose ice ethanol bath; room temperature, choose water bath; high temperature, choose oil bath. When using low temperature or high temperature, pay attention to the choice of suitable medium, the key is viscosity. If the viscosity is too large, the circulation pump may not move, the medium circulation effect is not good, and the required temperature control effect cannot be achieved. The rushing replacement of the high-power circulating pump, the pressure of the pressed medium is too large, and the lining of the double-layer glass reactor is easily damaged, and the reactor is broken. Usually, the manufacturer will also choose the corresponding heating medium according to the glass reactor.
Since the thickness of the interlayer in the middle of the glass reactor is small, the insulation performance is poor. In the process of using high temperature and low temperature, it is necessary to use insulation material to protect the kettle body. For the kettle body of the reaction kettle and the liquid-conducting pipe, it is necessary to wrap the insulation material, and pay attention to the thickness of the insulation layer to ensure better insulation effect.

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