Operation steps of lyophilizer

Precool operation

Note: Users with a cryogenic refrigerator may omit this step

(1) Open the refrigerator and pre-cool the equipment. When the cold trap temperature drops below -40℃, the material can be pre-frozen;

(2) Put the materials into the material tray (liquid is directly injected into the tray, solid or bottled materials can be evenly placed on the tray);

(3) Put the material tray into the pre-freezing rack, and put the probe into the material tray to fully contact the material, so as to reduce the error between the sample temperature and the actual temperature;

(4) Put the prefreeze frame into the cold trap;

(5) Cover the insulation cover;

(6) After the pre-freezing until the temperature of each part of the material drops below the eutectic point, the pre-freezing can be finished for about 1 hour and ready to enter the drying stage.

Drying operation

(1) Take out the prefreeze frame from the cold trap;

(2) Take out the pre-frozen materials and put them on the drying rack;

(3) Put the dry frame above the cold trap, as shown in the figure;

(4) Cover the “plexiglass tube” on the premise that the sealing ring is intact and there are no sundries;

(5) Tighten the drain valve clockwise;

(6) Open the “vacuum pump” and “vacuum gauge”.The vacuum degree decreased, the vacuum degree value & LT in the general drying process;20pa is normal.

(7) Hang the flasks one by one and open the multi-manifold valve;After the material in the flask dries, close the manifold valve and remove the flask.

(8) After the end of drying, open the “drain (inlet) valve” and then close the vacuum pump.Remove the plexiglass cover and collect the dry matter.

(9) Close the “water release (air inlet) valve” and defrost the equipment. Open the “water release (air inlet) valve” to drain the water after defrosting and wipe the equipment clean.

(10) When the vacuum pump is not working, please cover the exhaust hole to prevent dust from entering.

Note: A. The refrigerator should not be closed during the whole drying process;B. Due to different material properties, drying time and pre-freezing time are different.

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