Freeze-dried raw bone and meat are processed by the freeze-dried technology of pet food freeze-drying machine. Because the pet food lyophilizer by vacuum freezing drying process to remove moisture, to precool crystalline materials by dividing the raw flesh into solid, then sublimated in a vacuum environment moisture, leaving water little lyophilization was born of the same flesh and blood, after dealing with the freeze-drying preserved the original basic various nutrients and microbial activity, color, fragrance, body size is basically the same.

With the development of pet freeze-dried food, in the past two years, enterprises began to apply pet food freeze-dried raw bone and meat, considering the requirements of “meat high phosphorus, bone high calcium” of pet freeze-dried meat, as well as the absorption requirements of pet stomach. Freeze-dried raw bone and meat are processed together with raw meat, bones and viscera. In addition to being rich in calcium and phosphorus, freeze-dried raw bone contains natural trace elements such as zinc and copper, as well as collagen and chondroitin. In addition to containing high protein, fat viscera also contains micronutrients. Freeze-dried raw bone and meat is a vacuum freeze-drying machine for pet food with FD freeze-drying technology. According to the requirements of pet varieties, various nutritionally balanced freeze-dried raw bone and meat are made by selecting pet food materials and using different proportions of formulas, so that the nutrition of pet food is more balanced and full.

Pet food freeze-drying machine has the advantages of low temperature frozen vacuum drying characteristics of the pet food processing enterprises in the development of lyophilization machining freeze-dried born of the same flesh and blood, at the same time FZG lyophilizer pet food production line processing range suitable for freeze-dried pet seafood, dried chicken breast aspic, composite yogurt piece of freeze-dried, freeze-drying beef, rich varieties of pet food freeze-dried probiotic freeze-dried, etc.