Project Description


120 litre deep freezer upright

  • Robust construction for heavy duty use
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Suited for high ambient temperatures in tropical countries
  • High density PUF insulation for better holding time
  • Highly energy-efficient compressor
  • Deep Freezer Temperature Range :-25℃~-60℃
  • Capacity : 120 Litre
  • Power Supply : 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
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Product description

Deep freezer is used for freezing storage of biological specimens, samples, materials and reagents at ultra low temperature in institutes, universities and laboratories related to research in the fields of life science, biological engineering, agriculture and animal husbandry; also used for low temperature tests and cold treatment of chemical material, electronic components, metal parts and special materials in Industries of Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, War Industry, Aeronautics & Astronautics etc.

The freezer can be also used at Japanese restaurants, deepsea fishing, seafood markets, deep sea fisheries, supermarkets and hotels etc. for storage of deep seafood, like tuna, marlin, swordfish, spot prawn, scampi and slipper lobster etc. at ultra low temperature for keeping freshness of seafoods.

Difference between freezing and deep freezing

The terms “freezing” and “deep freezing” originally referred to two different methods of preserving food. Both processes freeze the food to the same temperature (-18 °C), but they achieve it in two different ways. With freezing, the temperature of the food is decreased slowly, usually up to 24 hours. Deep freezing refers to a process where the food is exposed to a temperature from -30 °C to -50 °C so that the core of the product reaches -18 °C within an hour. Deep freezing is a method typically used in industrial settings. It is considered to be better than regular freezing in allowing the food to preserve its freshness, texture and nutritional qualities.

How the Deep Freezers work?

Mechanical or single compressor based freezers can easily reach the temperature range -40 degree Celsius or -60 degree Celsius. Apart from that a freezer which is equipped with two compressors are used to create the temperature below the mentioned limit. To utilize the efficiency of the compressors and to extend the life of the compressors, the small compressors automatically get turn off whenever the set temperature is reached whereas the big compressor should remain On continuously for maintain the consistency in temperature.


Product details

High Quality fittings

* Here are the power wheels and door hinges;

High Quality fittings

* Here are the power wheels and door hinges;

Exquisite craftsmanship and specialized design

Product is deeply trusted and supported by clients on reasonable structure , eximiousperformance and exquisite craftwork.

Main fittings

* Durable the world famous compressor unit;

* We uesd the refrigerant, efficiency and environmental friendly;

* All-copper-aluminum fin heat exchange and evaporation system;


Features of  120 litre deep freezer upright

  • Patented technology of autocascade ULT refrigeration, strong cooling, fast freezing and low power consumption;
  • World famous SECOP or embraco compressor, EBM fan motor from
  • Germany, copper tube evaporator & condenser, stainless steel interior, ensure reliable operation and safety of stored foods;
  • Dixell digital electronic controller from Italy, more accurate control, hi/low temperature alarms, time-delay protection for compressor and easy operation;
  • Heavy duty casters, easy moving;
  • CFC free mixed refrigerants & foaming agent, green and environmentally friendly.

Specific Parameters

Capacity80 L158 L
Power supply220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Isolation thickness120mm120mm
Temperature Range-25℃~-60℃-25℃~-60℃
Electronic controller with temperature displayDIXELLDIXELL
CondenserCopper fin type/Fan coolingCopper fin type/Fan cooling
EvaporatorAll copper tubeAll copper tube
Inside linerStainless steelStainless steel
Inside doorYesYes
Rated input power400W450W
Power consumption6.8kwh/24h7.4kwh/24h
RefrigerantCFC Free(Mixed Gas)CFC Free(Mixed Gas)
Compressor(Danfoss or Embraco)SC-10CLSC-12CL
Net /Gross weight80Kg/110KG95kg/125KG
External dimension (mm)(W*D*H)620*660*1275620*660*1795
Packing dimension(mm)700*740*1360700*740*1875

Scope of Application


Our Service

Pre-sale Service

  1. Provide 24-hour technical consulting reply;
  2. Provide professional quoted price;
  3. Provide detailed product performance specification;
  4. According to product’s using condition, technicians will offer rationalization proposals to assist clients to select proper product types;
  5. Provide other corollary equipment according to client requirements.

In-sale Service

  1. Begin to supervise from raw material, its qualified rate can reach to 100%;
  2. Whole manufacturing process are in strict accordance with promised procedure requirements, product qualified rate can reach to 100%;
  3. Provide product’s inspection record of key junctures to customers;
  4. Provide production schedule photos to customers at regular intervals;
  5. Package and transport products strictly accordance with export standard;
  6. Provide transportation schedule information to clients timely.

After-sale Service

  1. Provide targeted installation video;
  2. Under the premise of correct installation, normal maintenance and using, we guarantee one-year warranty period;
  3. When warranty period has expired, our sold products enjoys lifetime guarantee repair, we only charge cost price for changing product’s standard component and sealing component;
  4. During installation and adjustment period, our after-sale service staff will communicate with customers frequently to know product’s running state in time. Assist customers to install and adjust products until customers are satisfied;
  5. If product has malfunction during operation period, we’ll offer you satisfied answer in time. We’ll reply you within 1 hour and provide solution or send staff to spot within 24 hours after receiving maintenance notification.
  6. Lifelong free technical support. Conduct satisfaction survey and inquiry equipment running condition to clients by telephone or e-mail semiannually from the first day of equipment running, put on records of acquired information;
  7. Provide assistant service if product is damaged during transportation.

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