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50 Liter rotary evaportor RE-5002

  • International advanced EL gas-tight system keeps high vacuum degree. Gas-liquid separator, no reflux.
  • Double condenser, collection rate over 95%.
  • The rotating flask is easy to install and setup.
  • Continuous feed are available. (Inlet Valve).
  • Price:$2500
  • Usually Ships in7-10 Days
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RE-5002 50 Liter Rotary evaporator are distillation units that incorporate an efficient condenser with a rotary flask system. The evaporating flask capacity is 10L,as the flask containing the solvent is rotated it continually transfers a thin layer of liquid over the entire inner surface. This gives a very large surface area for evaporation that is effected by heating from the accessory water or oil bath.

The rotary evaporator is the essence of domestic and foreign similar products, and sets our company successful practical experience. We have developed 10 liters, 20 liters, 50 liters large capacity rotary evaporator. And the equipment’s design follows efficient, practical, economic principles to meet customer’s requirements maximally.


  • International advanced EL gas-tight system keeps high vacuum degree. Gas-liquid separator, no reflux.
  • Double condenser, collection rate over 95%.
  • The rotating flask is easy to install and setup.
  • Continuous feed are available. (Inlet Valve).
  • Water bath, intelligent PID temp. controller, can be lifted up and down.
  • Reasonable structure, exquisite material.Mechanical parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum die casting.Glass parts are made of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, borosilicate glass.Rubber parts adopt new standard materials, easy to change for users.
  • Built-in transmission system, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable and reliable speed.
  • Explosion-proof system is optional.
  • 110 V/60HZ can be customized.

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Specific Parameters

Evaporating Flask (L)50
Receiving Flask(L)20
Rotating Motor(W)180
Evaporation Speed(L/H2O)>3L/h
Condenser Cooling Surface (sq.m.)0.57
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
Sealing ModePTFE Sealing System
Max Vacuum Degree<133pa
Water Bath ConfigurationWater Bath Lifting or Electric Hois
Water(Oil) Bath Power(kw)3
Temperature Control Range0-99(250)℃
Temp Fluctuation/Resolution±1/1℃
CondenserVertical Double Condenser
Voltage (V/Hz)220V  50/60
NoteCustomized configuration is available.


Rotary Evaporator is a laboratory common equipment which composed of motor, distilling flask, heating bath, condenser, receiving flask and so on. It’s mainly used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. Rotary Evaporators are also used in molecular cooking for the preparation of distillates and extracts.

It’s the ideal tools for lab applications, such as:

• Concentration of solutions;
• Reclamation of solvents;
• Vacuum drying of wet solids;
• Essential oil extractor;
• Efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples.

Mainly used in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Food Industry and laboratory, ect.

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  1. Provide 24-hour technical consulting reply;
  2. Provide professional quoted price;
  3. Provide detailed product performance specification;
  4. According to product’s using condition, technicians will offer rationalization proposals to assist clients to select proper product types;
  5. Provide other corollary equipment according to client requirements.

In-sale Service

  1. Begin to supervise from raw material, its qualified rate can reach to 100%;
  2. Whole manufacturing process are in strict accordance with promised procedure requirements, product qualified rate can reach to 100%;
  3. Provide product’s inspection record of key junctures to customers;
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After-sale Service

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  2. Under the premise of correct installation, normal maintenance and using, we guarantee one-year warranty period;
  3. When warranty period has expired, our sold products enjoys lifetime guarantee repair, we only charge cost price for changing product’s standard component and sealing component;
  4. During installation and adjustment period, our after-sale service staff will communicate with customers frequently to know product’s running state in time. Assist customers to install and adjust products until customers are satisfied;
  5. If product has malfunction during operation period, we’ll offer you satisfied answer in time. We’ll reply you within 1 hour and provide solution or send staff to spot within 24 hours after receiving maintenance notification.
  6. Lifelong free technical support. Conduct satisfaction survey and inquiry equipment running condition to clients by telephone or e-mail semiannually from the first day of equipment running, put on records of acquired information;
  7. Provide assistant service if product is damaged during transportation.

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