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R-501 5L Rotovap

  • Excellent air tightness, High vacuum performance.
  • PTFE and Viton double sealing.
  • Easy assembling design to be assembled.
  • Double layer cooling coils for improving condensers performance.
  • High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties for glass parts and SUS 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Price:$850
  • Usually Ships in7-10 Days
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5l rotovap(Rotary Evaporator)

5l rotovap(rotary evaporator)  adopt the flask enlarge evaporation area under reduced pressure, to make the solution in bottle diffuse and evaporate, while the flask is rotating as it is heating in water bath. It is basic necessary and perfect equipment for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories used in the manufacture and analysis of experiments which concentrated, drying, recycling.

Tips for Choosing an Rotary Evaporator for Your laboratory

rotovap(rotary evaporator) features a specially designed motor and worm gear, which provides constant rotation at speeds from 10 to 180 rpm. As the flask containing the solvent is rotated, it continually transfers a thin layer of liquid over the entire inner surface. This gives a very large surface area for evaporation, which is caused by the gentle heating from the water bath. The rotating system is fitted with a special seal that allows the apparatus to be placed under vacuum, effectively reducing the boiling point of the solvents and removing the vapor phase, making the process much more efficient. Each unit is also equipped with an easy-to-use vacuum release and a continuous feed system, which allows solvent to be constantly drawn into the rotating flask without needing to stop the operation.


It is suitable for the experiment of evaporation, distillation or separation of chemicals. It usually works with water circulating vacuum pump and recirculating chiller as a whole system to meet the production and experimental conditions.

Features of  5l rotovap(rotary evaporator)

  • Rotary evaporator set equip with 5L evaporating flask(detachable), and 3L collecting flask.
  • Rotary vacuum evaporator Under the vacuum condition, give the boil flask constant-temperature heating, it will  rotate at a constant speed, and liquid can form large area film on the bottle wall.
  • Rotary evaporator parts-the solvent vapor is cooled by a high efficiency glass condenser and recovered in the collection bottle, which greatly improves the evaporation efficiency.
  • Rotary evaporator is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products which can easily decompose and denatured at high temperature.
  • Evaporator use polythene & rubber for sealing, ensure high vacuum and rotating speed adjustable(step-less): 0-90rpm.


  • Patented technology of double sealing of Teflon(PTFE) and FV rubber ensures the negative pressure level.
  • Automatic switch valve makes continuous collection possible without affecting vacuum degree and without stopping distillation.
  • Teflon discharge valve is corrosion resistant and contamination free.
  • Water bath jacket protecting operator from scalding by hot liquid.
  • Motorized water bath lifting for precise control.
  • Quick clamp connections for easy and fast installation.
  • PID temperature controller ensures accurate temperature control is maintained.
  • Optional stainless steel evaporating flask carrier with silicone cushions is designed for safer and easier loading and unloading of the flask. It can also be used as a flask stand.

Technical Specifications

Glass MaterialGG-17GG-17GG-17
Support MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steelstainless steel
Shell MaterialAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 270*270*195mmAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 290*296*240mmAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 310*320*240mm
Inner Container MaterialStainless Steel 250*140mmStainless Steel 255*170mmstainless steel 280*170mm
Baseboard Size280*330mm350*330mm350*330mm
Volume of Rotary Bottle0.25-2L 24#Standard Aperture3L ¢50 flange aperture5L ¢50 flange aperture
Volume of Recycling Bottle1L 24#Standard Aperture2L 35# ground aperture3L 35# ground aperture
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa0.098Mpa0.098Mpa
Rotating Power40W40W40W
Rotating Speed0-120rpm0-120rpm0-120rpm
Heating Power1.5KW2KW2KW
Temperature Control Range of Bath Kettle300℃400℃400℃
Temperature Accuracy±2℃±1℃±1℃
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Up and Down Distance120mm120mm120mm
Shape Size(mm*mm*mm)700*440*885700*440*885700*335*1009mm
Package Size(mm*mm*mm)590*460*460 0.12 m³1000*460*460 0.12 m³1040*620*410 0.26 m³
Package Weight (KG)213838
Speed Adjustment ModeElectrodeless Speed RegulationElectrodeless Speed RegulationElectrodeless Speed Regulation
Rotate Speed Display ModeDigital DisplayDigital DisplayDigital Display

Structure of Rotary Evaporator

Rotovap(rotary evaporator) Details

A rotovap(rotary evaporator) is a device used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. The process of rotary evaporation is most often used to separate solvents with low boiling points, such a n-hexane or ethyl acetate, from compounds which are solid at room temperature and pressure. However, careful application also allows for the removal of a solvent from a sample containing a liquid compound, if there is minimal co-evaporation (azeotropic behavior) and a sufficient difference in boiling points at the chosen temperature and reduced pressure.

Example: The following table illustrates a variety of substances, ordered by increasing vapor pressure (in absolute units).

Performance Curve

Rotovap Quick Start Guide

This guide gives basic quick start instructions for rotovaps. It is intended to provide a starting point for learning the process. Parameters should be adjusted to suit specific needs.

  • Clean and assemble unit. Make sure all pieces are cleaned and sterilized using an alcohol solution.
  • Connect chiller to condenser and set to 0C (32F). Always fill a rotovap condenser from the top down (chiller output to top of condenser, chiller input to bottom of condenser).
  • Connect vacuum pump to cold trap and connect cold trap to vacuum port on rotovap.
  • Turn on heat bath and set to 40C (113F).
  • Once heat bath, chiller and cold trap have reached desired temperatures, turn on rotovap motor and set speed to approximately 100 RPM (does not have to be precise). Keep in mind, higher RPM’s will increase evaporation power but also increase heat load.
  • Start vacuum pump and allow vacuum to pull down for a few minutes before injection.
  • Once vacuum has been pulled to a sufficient level (does not have to be precise but should be below 100 Torr), using the injection valve, very slowly inject approximately 500 mL of solution into evaporating flask and then close the valve. Allow this small amount to begin evaporating. You may see the chiller begin to rise in temperature, this is called “priming” the rotovap.
  • Once the temperature stops rising or all liquid is almost completely evaporated, open the injection valve again very slowly so that a small amount of liquid begins to enter the evaporating flask. Do not close injection valve this time but continue to allow solution to enter the evaporating flask.
  • At this point you must try to match the input speed to the output speed. What this means is that you should be injecting the same amount of liquid into the rotovap that is equal to the amount of liquid dripping from the condenser into the receiving flask. You will know that the input speed and output speed are matched because the chiller will remain at a stable temperature. If the chiller begins to rise, then you are injecting too much liquid. Dial back the valve until the chiller stabilizes.
  • Once everything is stabilized, you may walk away from the rotovap if necessary. Check every so often to make sure temperatures remain stable and evaporation continues efficiently.

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