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Small Lab Freeze Dryer are imported from other countries, characterized by stability and reliability and many other advantages, such as good-looking appearance, small volume, light weight and easy operation. They can be widely applied to many fields, such as foods, biological products, chemical engineering, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and health care products. Because the drying process is carried out at low temperature, it can be used for some materials such as proteins, which are easy to be denatured at high temperature, and can ensure that the properties of other compounds will not change.

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Product Description

Freeze Dryer for Home adopts vacuum freeze drying technology to remove the inside water on condition of no damage to the raw material’s taste and nutrition.It is easy to operate and observe the drying process and development.The freezing and drying process are finished in one machine, avoid complicated operation and raw material being polluted.

Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is frozen, followed by its removal from the sample, initially by sublimation (primary drying) and then by desorption (secondary drying). Freezedrying is a process of drying in which water is

sublimed from the product after it is frozen. It is a drying process applicable to manufacture of certain pharmaceuticals and biologicals that are thermolabile or otherwise unstable in aqueous solutions for prolonged storage periods, but that are stable in the dry state.

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Features of small freeze dryer

1. Perfect appearance, compact size;
2. Touch screen operation, one-button start, automatic control of freeze-drying process, easy and convenient
3. Key components with imported brands, small noise, large capacity, high quality and high performance;
4. Advanced system, with low operating current and low energy consumption;
5. SUS304stainless steel material plate and inside liner, safety and easy clean;
6. Transparent plexiglass door for easy observation of material freeze drying process
7. Self-setting and real-time adjustment of the freeze-drying process, showing freeze-drying data and freeze-drying curves.
8. Fast defrosting technology, over temperature automatic protection

Technical parameters of small freeze dryer

Dry area 0.1m2 0.4m2 0.6m2
Layer size 140*278mm 200*450mm 300*400mm
Barrier layer 3 layers 4 layers 4 layers
Vacuum degree 15Pa 15Pa 15Pa
Temperature of cold trap -40℃ -40℃ -40℃
Capacity 1-2kg/batch 4-6kg/batch 6-8kg/batch
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/ 50Hz
Power 750w 1100w 2300w
Dimension 400*550*700mm 700*860*930mm 700*800*1300mm
Weight 80kg 120kg 150kg

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