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Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

It can provide negative pressure condition for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, pressure-reducing filtration and so on, particularly be suitable for labs

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Laboratory Water Circulating Vacuum Pump is made on the basis of circulating water multi purpose vacuum pump, and in view of the small space of the lab, and with reference to the Japan -made bench-type pump, made with reduced size and improvement, and adopting one-shot forming, it has the feature of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance and so on, it has double-size-double- tap air extracting, 4-size-4-tap , identical dual size multi purpose vacuum pump. While the teacher is demonstrating, students can also turning on or off the machine on any size of it.

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Features of vacuum pump for rotary evaporator

Water Circulating Vacuum Pump takes circulating water as working fluid to create negative pressure by fluid jet.

It can provide negative pressure condition for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, pressure-reducing filtration and so on, particularly be suitable for labs and small scale test of industries such as universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, chemical industry, pharmacy, biochemistry, foodstuff,  pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering.

Advantages of Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

1. Save water resources.

2. Save more than 35% of electricity than other types of vacuum pump.

3. Specialized fluid muffler can make the vacuum degree higher by reducing the gas in water and make it quieter by reducing the friction between gas and fluid.

4. Equipped with double-tap and double-gauge, it can be used alone or in parallel.

5. Resistant to acid, alkali and solvents.

6. High quality motor with fluorine rubber sealing which can avoid the invasion of corrosive gas.

7. Replace water regularly to keep water clean to ensure perfect vacuum condition.

8. Shorten the water replacing period when it is used to pump corrosive gas.

9. SHB-III: Shell, water tank, ejector, tee junction, check valve and suction nozzle are made of PP material. Pump body and impeller ( six flowing passages, dual sealing ) are made of SUS304.

10.SHB-IIIA: Ejector and suction nozzle are made of SUS304. Other components are the same as that of SHB-III.

11.SHB-IIIS: Pump body is made of PP material which is more suitable for acid gas. Other components are the same as that of SHB-III.

Specific Parameters

Power (W)180
Power Supply110v (1 Phase, 60Hz) or 220-240V (1 phase, 50/60Hz)
Flow Rate (L/min)80
Lift (m)10
Ultimate Vacuum (MPa)-0.098 (2KPa)
Single Tap Air Suction Amount10
Tap Number2
SafetyCheck Valve
Water Tank Capacity (L)15
Water Tank MaterialPP
Dimensions (mm)385W*280D*420H
Weight (kg)11

Main Parts Comparison

Water TankPPPPPP
Tee JunctionPPPPPP
Check ValvePP+CopperPP+CopperPP+Copper
Suction NozzlePPSUS304PP
Pump BodySUS304SUS304PP
Connecting PipeNRNRNR


Circulating water vacuum pumps to circulate the water as the working fluid, using fluid jets to produce negative pressure injection pump. Evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, vacuum filtration, vacuum degassing process provides, is particularly suitable for universities, research institutes, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, pesticides, agricultural engineering and biological engineering laboratory and small scale industry.

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