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pilot freeze dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying is a complex and time-consuming drying process which requires maintaining the quality of the product. It can be a delicate and expensive procedure requiring high levels of hygiene. A pilot freeze dryer designed for product formulation and scale-up workshould thus help maintain the high quality and shape of products too sensitive for conventional drying processes.
Pilot scale freeze dryer is the optimal solution for scale up operation volumes less than industrial scale production. With various application and assessment efficiencies, pilot scale freeze dryers help users find desirable conditions and parameters for perfect drying results.
With various application and assessment of efficiency, pilot scale Freeze-dryers helps users to find desirable conditions and parameters for perfect drying result.
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Product Description

Pilot scale freeze dryer is optimal solution for scale up operation prior to industrial scale production. With various application and assessment of efficiency, pilot scale freeze dryer helps customer to find desirable condition and parameter for perfect drying result. They are provided with high condensing capacities and versatile temperature range for ease of selecting the product based on the user requirements. 
The freeze-drying is a technical method in which the aqueous article is previously frozen and then the water is sublimated in a vacuum state to obtain a dry product. The freeze-dried article is easy to store for a long period of time, and the water can be restored to the pre-freeze form Keep the original biochemical characteristics.Freeze-drying technology widely used in biomedical, biological and food processing industries, can show its superiority, suitable for laboratory samples of freeze-drying experiments and a small amount of production.

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pilot freeze dryerfreeze dryer

Main Features of Our Pilot scale freeze dryer

1. Pre-freezing and drying in-situ, easy to operate, good drying effect.
2. Inflatable(discharge) value adopts safety diaphragm valve, which can be connected to inert gas source, and is filled with inert gas after drying to extend the shelf life of the material.
3. Freeze-drying curve optimization control technology, which can control the cooling rate during the pre-freezing stage, and control the heating rate of the sample and the vacuum value of the current stage in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.
4. 7-inch true color touch screen.
5. Can save hundreds of process recipes, each group contains 50 temperature control sections to improve process optimization rate.
6. Intelligent data recording system, real-time recording and display of cold trap temperature curve,sample temperature curve,vacuum degree curve, export data can be browsed and printed by computer and various operations to facilitate process optimization and drying effect verification.
7. Flexible manual + automatic control mode, manual mode used for groping  process,automatical mode used for batch production.
8. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function for fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
9. User level and password can be set and decentralized for operation management.

Product Structure

Technical parameters of Pilot Freeze Dryer

Normal typeWK-DGJ-20FWK-DGJ-30FWK-DGJ-50FWK-DGJ-100F
Freeze-dried area0.3M20.4M20.5M21M2

Number of plate

Plates space70mm70mm70mm70mm
Plate size270*400*15300*340*15360*480*15360*480*15
Plate temperature-50℃ to 70℃-50℃ to 70℃-50℃ to 70℃-50℃ to 70℃
Cold trap temperature≤-75℃≤-75℃≤-75℃≤-75℃
Water for cold trap4KG/24Hr6KG/24Hr8KG/24Hr15KG/24Hr
Defrostelectric defrostNatural defrostNatural defrostelectric defrost


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freeze dryer
freeze dryer
freeze dryer
freeze dryer

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freeze dryer package
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Our Services/Warranty

1. The period, scope and condition of the warranty.
(1)We offer 1 years warranty on the date of shipping from China. During the warranty time, because of manufacturing&quality
problem, we offer replacement, maintenance service.
(2)The damage caused by the transportation problem shall be borne by the seller.

2. How to solve the problem of your equipment?
Please send us email of the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better. we will find the problem and tell you how to
solve it. If there is a broken, we will send you a new part, and it is free in the warranty period.

3.How to shipping the replacement parts?
We will according the actual situation to choose the suitable shipping ways. For small parts we shippin by Express.

4. Could you do customized for us?
We are a manufacturer that can provide all kinds of customized services.

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