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hot plate magnetic stirrer

Hot plate magnetic stirrer

The working theory of magnetic stirrer is using micro electrical machinery to drive the heatproof magnet to spin, thus creating a magnetic field. This magnetic field will drive the stir bar to spin in the container and later it will cause spin of the solvent. Meanwhile, it can heat the solvent so that it can be fully mixed at set temperature. This product has been widely applied in biology, medicine, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related fields.

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A magnetic stirrer or magnetic stir plate is commonly used in laboratories to ensure liquid samples are homogeneous in consistency and temperature. A magnetic stirrer can use magnetic stirrer bars or inductive agitators to complete the mixing process. A magnetic stirrer ensures proper mixing that can boost sensor response time, allowing measuring instruments to achieve stable readings more quickly. Therefore, a magnetic stirrer is an ideal tool for use in laboratories for research and quality control applications.

Magnetic stirrers use a rotating magnetic field to move a stir bar around in liquid samples. The movement of this stir bar mixes the sample thoroughly with rapid movement and agitation. The speed of the magnetic field is controlled by the user, so it can be customized to the specific sample that’s being stirred. These stirrers should be used with glass or other non-metal beakers to prevent interference with the magnetic field.

hot plate magnetic stirrer

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Structure of magnetic stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer Details

Features of Magnetic Stirrer

1. Aluminum alloy die-casting shell high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, solid and durable.
2. Square aluminum alloy heating plate, ceramic non-stick coating, anti-corrosion, easy to clean.
3. Self-built holder poling, convenient container fixed.
4. Heating, stirring two-way switch control, can be individual operations.
5.PT100 temperature measurement, intelligent PID temperature control, ± 0.2 ℃ error, precise and reliable.
6. Inner and outer temperature probe can be alternately measured control heating pot, container solution temperature.
7. DC brushless motor, torque long life long.
8.PWM closed-loop constant speed soft start program, high-speed start won’t jump.
9. Temperature range: surface temperature room temperature ~ 300℃, built-in protection function.

Specific Parameters

Voltage 220 V ,50Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz
Usagefor round bottom flask 50ml -20l , beaker mantle also available , need customized as your requirement .
Power Supply (w ) 110 W130 W170 W216 W220 W530 W
Temperature  Control PID Control .Inner and Outer Thermocouple .
Temperature Range Ambient to 380 ºC
Accuracy±1 ºC±1 ºC±1 ºC±1 ºC±1 ºC±1 ºC
Stir Speed Range 100~ 1800rpm
Stir Speed Display +/-1 rpm , digital display
Upper Diameter(mm) Φ58Φ75Φ 81Φ95Φ115Φ145
Heat Material Alkali-free glass fiber . Max Temperature Resistance 450°
Shell MaterialSuperfine Metal , anti-aging, anti-corrosion

Advantages of a magnetic stirrer

One of the major advantages of a magnetic stirrer is that it minimizes the risk of contamination since only there is only an inert magnet bar that is placed inside the sample (fluid).
Additionally this can also be easily cleaned. A manual stirrer is not as consistent as the magnetic one and the magnetic one is also critical for reproducible mixing or mixing over long time scale. For example, protein dialysis requires multi hour or overnight sample mixing and is sensitive to bacterial contamination.

Application of Magnetic Stirrer

The magnetic stirrer is heated while stirring, and has two devices for controlling the stirring speed and linear temperature control. Therefore, it is also called a magnetic heating stirrer, which is a common instrument for organic chemistry in colleges and universities. The rotation of the magnetic rotor in the container is driven by the continuous rotation of the magnetic field to achieve the purpose of stirring.

Magnetic heating stirrers have been widely used in experiments, such as the preparation of cyclohexanone, phenylpropionic acid, ethyl acetate, etc., and the determination of electromotive force. It is safe to heat, easy to operate, and can shorten the reaction time. If it is not heated, it can be fully enclosed.

In the chemistry experiment of colleges and universities, it has been applied in the following experiments: dissolution of polyvinyl alcohol, constant temperature preparation of saturated solution of potassium nitrate, preparation of ethyl acetate and other organic and inorganic experiments.

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