Project Description

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 01

Mass Spectrometer

  • Independent research and development of GC system with electronic flow and pressure control (EFC, EPC)
  • Independent research and development and efficient filament, electron emission efficiency is high, the largest up to 350 mu
  • Single quadrupole mass with pre quadrupole analyzer, effectively reduce the sample measurement process of quadrupole pollution;
  • With high energy conversion with electron multiplier provides excellent sensitivity;
  • Import of mechanical pump and molecular pump excellent vacuum system, ensure the high stability and reliability of the system;
  • Equipped with a full range of vacuum gauge, real-time monitoring vacuum conditions;
  • Perfect protection system to ensure that the instrument is abnormal condition of protection system of key parts, prolong the service life of the instrument;
  • The advanced RF power digital compensation technology, can make all the quality within the scope of the mass spectrum peak to achieve high sensitivity and resolution
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Product description

Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an analytical method that combines the features of gas-chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances within a test sample. Applications of GC-MS include drug detection, fire investigation, environmental analysis, explosives investigation, and identification of unknown samples, including that of material samples obtained from planet Mars during probe missions as early as the 1970s. GC-MS can also be used in airport security to detect substances in luggage or on human beings. Additionally, it can identify trace elements in materials that were previously thought to have disintegrated beyond identification. Like liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, it allows analysis and detection even of tiny amounts of a substance.

GC-MS has been regarded as a “gold standard” for forensic substance identification because it is used to perform a 100% specific test, which positively identifies the presence of a particular substance. A nonspecific test merely indicates that any of several in a category of substances is present. Although a nonspecific test could statistically suggest the identity of the substance, this could lead to false positive identification. However, the high temperatures (300°C) used in the GC-MS injection port (and oven) can result in thermal degradation of injected molecules, thus resulting in the measurement of degradation products instead of the actual molecule(s) of interest.

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 01
Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 02

Instrument Features


Electronic pressure/flow control system (EPC/EFC) for self-developed GC 6800 system;
Patented EI filament set provides highly efficient electron emission, a maximum of 350μA;
Quality mass analyzer with pre-filter reduces quadrupole pollution;
High-energy dynode electron multiplier ensures good sensitivity;
Vacuum system with quality mechanical and turbo molecular pumps guarantees stability and reliability;
Full scale gauges monitor vacuum states in real time;
Self protection system guarantees safety of operators and core parts under abnormal conditions;
RF power supply digital compensation technology ensures better sensitivity and resolution in full mass range.


The software “ChemAnalyst” controls auto sampler (AS), gas chromatograph (GC) and mass spectrometer (MS); data are acquired and transferred by high-speed network card;
Full Scan and selective Ion Monitoring (SIM) modes are available;
the system supports manual and automatic tuning, display of total ion current (TIC) and mass chromatogram (MC);
Skyray Instrument is the only legal distributor authorized by NIST/EPA/NIH in China mainland, which guarantees the latest version and free online upgrade of NIST (current version NIST 2011).
The data processing section searches target compounds in NIST 2011 based on mass spectra of samples, displays search results which include retention times, structural formula and standard mass spectra, and compares the abundances of standard and real target ions. Users can make accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses;
Superior quality: it uses high-end core parts, which ensures GC-MS 6800 high quality.
Meeting high demands: Skyray provides necessity parts, and meets multiple requirements from clients in different fields;
User-friendly design: it facilitates easy operation and convenient maintenance;
High-efficiency ionization source: modularization design, employing Skyray patented ion source, having high ionization efficiency, and enhancing sensitivity;
ChemAnalyst software: convenient operation, data acquisition and processing;
Highly cost-effective: offering more benefits while meeting all application demands;
Scientific solutions: We offer customers perfectly customized solutions;
Consumables with favorable price: most consumables and parts are self-developed, which save a lot of maintenance cost, while providing high performance;
Satisfactory post-sale service: Skyray makes a quick response to client’s demands, with professional technicians offering 24-hour services.

Specific Parameter

GC Specification
Inlet temperature: Max. 450ºC
Pressure range: 0-100psi,±0.002psi
Pressure control mode: Electronic pressure control (EPC), support CV and CC
Split mode: Split/splitless, max. split ratio: 1000:1
Column oven working temperature: Room temperature+4ºC~450ºC
Heating rate: Up to 120ºC/min
Temperature programming: 7 stages/ 8 platforms
Auto Sampler: Optional

MS specification
EI source ionization energy: 5 eV —250 eV (Adjustable)
Mass range: 1.5- 1000amu
Resolution: Unit resolution (full width at half maximum)
Ion source temperature: 100-350ºC
Filament emission current: 0-350 μA
GC-MS Interface Temperature: Max. 450ºC
stability: ±0.10 amu/48 hrs
Sensitivity: Full scan, 1pg OFN at m/z 272 with S/N ≥30:1 (RMS)
Scan rate: Up to 10000 amu/s
Vacuum: Turbo molecular pump(67 L/s)
Detector: High-energy dynode electron multiplier

Applications fields

  • Industrial inspection: textile, electricity & electronics, plastic cement, cosmetics;
  • Food hygiene: pesticide residues, flavors and fragrances;
  • Environmental protection: air, water, soil, solid waste;
  • Pharmaceutical: pharmaceutical industries, drug inspection;
  • Petrochemical: oil refineries, chemical plants;
  • Public security organ: explosives, forensic evidence

Our Services/Warranty

1. The period, scope and condition of the warranty.
(1)We offer 1 years warranty on the date of shipping from China. During the warranty time, because of manufacturing&quality
problem, we offer replacement, maintenance service.
(2)The damage caused by the transportation problem shall be borne by the seller.

2. How to solve the problem of your equipment?
Please send us email of the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better. we will find the problem and tell you how to
solve it. If there is a broken, we will send you a new part, and it is free in the warranty period.

3.How to shipping the replacement parts?
We will according the actual situation to choose the suitable shipping ways. For small parts we shippin by Express.

4. Could you do customized for us?
We are a manufacturer that can provide all kinds of customized services.

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