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 Jacketed glass reactor for laboratory

  • High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 has good chemical-physical attribute.
  • Low speed booster motor; High torque; no spark; frequency control, smooth operation.
  • PTFE rotary seal assembly; Patented product; High vacuum degree and long useful life.
  • PTFE discharge valve, discharge completely and quickly, no leak/pollution to the solvent.
  • Selection of our company’s heating and cooling circulating device, we match standard connector and the suitable connection pipe.
  • Price:$550~$6500
  • Usually Ships in7-10 Days
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Product Description

Glass reactor systems are the essential equipment for mixing, reaction, distillation and filtration in chemistry and pharmaceutical industries.  We offer a wide range of glass reactors with volumes from 500mL to 200L. All the glass reactor systems can be modified in our own factory quickly in case any customization is needed from us (dimension,motor power, explosion proof, additional glassware, custom port size, etc).

Different heating or cooling liquids, such as water or oil, can be injected in the interlayer of the jacketed glass distillation reactor for providing a constant temperature for reactions. It also can provide excellent mixing in the reactor under atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressure. The transparent glass structure can be helpful to monitor the complete reaction.

Glass reactors are designed for synthetic reaction of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment, jacketed filter reactors  can be used for single or multi-step reactions and filtrations in the same vessel, production and process scale peptide synthesis. Filter base eliminates material transfers and significantly reduces material losses.

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Structure of Glass Reactor

Glass Reactor Detail Pictures

Glass Reactor Turnkey System

Corollary Equipment

Water Cycle Vacuum Pump

stainless circulating water and oil bath for chemical lab or factory

Heating Circulator

Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump

  • Circulating Water Vacuum Pump takes circulating water as working fluid, uses the negative pressure created by fluid jet to eject.Providing vacuum condition for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing and so on, particularly be suitable for labs and small scale test of industries such as universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, chemical industry, pharmacy, biochemistry, foodstuff pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering.
  • Glass reactor matching use with GDSZ series high and low temperature circulating pump to quickly cooling or warming, the circulating pump is an efficient equipment for quick temperature adjustment.
  • Glass reactor matching use with DLSB series low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump to conduct chemical reaction and medicine storage which requires low temperature environment.


  • Dual jacketed model allows you to draw vacuum from the outer jacket, thus protects the circulation fluid temperature and provides a better control.

  • Solvent-resistant PTFE on all sealing components ensures long time durability and operation.

  • All glassware is hand-made from borosilicate 3.3 glass that is heat/cold/corrosion-resistant.

  • Adjustable stirring rate provides great torque or high speed.

  • Patented PTFE stirring rod bearing for reliable and quiet operation.

  • Wide range of temperature operations, from -60°C to 200°C.

  • Large condenser cooling surface for exceptional condensation performance.

  • Rugged stainless steel reinforced PTFE stirrer with anchored agitator, suitable for a wide range of viscous materials.

  • Easily visual operation with digital speed and temperature displays.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel supporting framework with lockable casters for mobility and stability.

  • Easy-to-install modular design

  • Zero dead space bottom valve design

Technical Specifications

Reaction Volume(L)5L10L20L50L100L200L
Jacket Volume(L)2L5L8L12L18L25L
Reactor MaterialHigh quality borosilicate 3.3 glass
Support Frame MaterialStainless steel 304 and coated aluminum
Neck No. On Lid56
Rated. torque(
Motor power(W)90120120120200370
Rotating speed(rpm)0 ~ 600 (customizable)
Power supply220V or 110V / 50-60HZ
DischargePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspace
Working Temp range-60 to 200°C
Pressure RangeFull vacuum to atmosphere
Max jacket pressure0.5 bar

Application of glass reactor

Speed-regulation glass reactors are mainly used for synthetic reaction, distillation and concentration of different types of materials. We have single wall, double wall glass reactors. The reactor can be pumped to a negative pressure state according to some experimental requirements. A constant pressure funnel or an adjusting valve on the feeding bottle allows you to add material to the vessel at a uniform and controlled speed. Condenser helps to recover some materials distillated during reaction. Circulating liquid can be filled into the jacket to heat or cool materials inside.

The glass reactor plays a role as a reaction material in laboratory instruments and is often used by modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries.In using of the glass reactor, they are divided into two-layer glass reactor, single-layer glass reactor, and high-pressure reactor.And these reactors have the function of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof.

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