Project Description


Melting Point Apparatus

  • Equipped with thermo sensitive mini printer.
  • Automatic magnetic stirring system, oil bath temperature is uniform.
  • High-precision temperature sensor,can correct non-linear error automatically.
  • Automation: automatic measurement, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
  • Full-automatic frequency converting control,has high temperature control precision and small linear error of heating rate.
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Product description

A melting point apparatus is a machine that helps chemists determine the identity of the compound based on what temperature it turns from a solid to a liquid. Most elements and compounds have a specific temperature at which it melts. Small amounts of whatever is tested is inserted into small, thin tubes and inserted into the machine. A magnification tool is attached to the machine to closely observe the material in the tubes. The machine can then heat the tube and material at a predetermined temperature. The heat can be adjusted to find the temperature that the material just starts to melt, which is the melting point for that material.


The melting point of a material is important for understanding its behavior and application, as well as ensuring its quality and safe use. A melting point apparatus analyzes melting point temperatures by incrementally heating as many as four simultaneous samples in a sealed capillary up to 400C. Melting point analyzers help utilize non-mercury spirit thermometers, analog/digital control, video capture for the melting point analysis, and frequency indicators for determining boiling points. A compact melting point analyzer provides educational value and high-throughput ease of use by incorporating computer control, intuitive displays, and precise control of heating rates.

Design of Melting Point Apparatus

While the outward designs of apparatuses can vary greatly, most apparatuses use a sample loaded into a sealed capillary (melting-point capillary), which is then placed in the apparatus. The sample is then heated, either by a heating block or an oil bath, and as the temperature increases, the sample is observed to determine when the phase change from solid to liquid occurs. The operator of the apparatus records the temperature range starting with the initial phase-change temperature and ending with the completed phase-change temperature. The temperature range that is determined can then be averaged to gain the melting point of the sample being examined.

Apparatuses usually have a control panel that allows the starting and final temperatures, as well as the temperature gradient (in units per minute), to be programmed. Some machines have several channels, which permit more than one sample to be tested at a time. The control panel might have buttons that allow the start and end of the melting point range to be recorded.

Specific Parameter

Measuring RangeRT~360° CRT~400° CRT~320° C
Resolution 0.1° C
Linear heating-up rate0.1° C ~20° C/min0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0°C/min
TemperatureAccuracy0.4°C (≤200° C)

0.7°C (>200° C)

Repeatability0.3° C
Capillary Sizeφ1.4mm(outside diameter)φ1.0mm(inside diameter), 80mm (height)
SampleLoading Height3~5mm>3mm
Data Storage1000 sets/
Optional AccessoriesPrinter/Printer
Power SupplyAC 220V/110V±10%, 50/60HZ
External Size410*290*110mm330*290*110mm330*290*110mm
Package Size576*428*306mm492*428*305mm496*428*306mm

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