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freeze dryer

Freeze drying machine

Electric heating Freeze dryer ( lyophilizer), 36V safety voltage silicon rubber electric heating sheet as heating element, PID control circuit, layer by layer Temperature control makes the temperature more uniform and accurate. The in-situ freeze dryer reduces the tedious operation process and reduces the material pollution rate to a lower level. It is mainly used for preliminary process exploration and small-scale trial production of universities and colleges, pharmaceutical research and development laboratories, including ordinary type, gland type,Configurable wide mouth manifold.

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Product Description

This series of freeze dryer is suitable for pilot test and production. Equipment adopts PLC control, low temperature silicone oil refrigerant, cascade Low temperature and finely controlled compressor units for pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbal extracts, health products, food and chemicals Industrial production. Including ordinary type and gland type. Can be configured with wide-mouth manifold, as well as standard mobile APP and PC remote control.
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer removes water from plants and organic compounds while they are in a frozen state. This locks in the freshness of herbs and plants. Their appearance, nutritional content, and potency remain the same as when they were fresh

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Main Features of Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

1.Pre-freeze drying is performed in situ, with observation windows built in, the drying process is intuitive and controllable;
2.Drying temperature difference ≤1 ℃, uniform drying effect;
3.The temperature of the partition is adjustable and controllable. The pilot test and production process can be explored. Because the drying chamber and the cold trap are separate structures,Strong water capacity and short drying time;
4.Equipped with inflatable valve to flush dry inert gas;
5.The drying room adopts aerospace acrylic high-transparency transparent colorless door, which can clearly observe the change of materials during the freeze-drying process;

6.Pre-freeze drying is performed in situ, reducing the tedious operation of the drying process and achieving automation;
7.Embedded touch screen, PLC controller, PID to adjust temperature, display freeze-dried curve and historical curve;
8.U disk transfer data;
9.Equipped with PC software, which can print and browse the curve and data.

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Technical parameters of Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

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