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Rubber Rheometer

  • Rubber rheometer is really confined mold cavity, and the United States Alpha (formerly Monsanto) has done. Repeatability, and test data comparable with the Alpha. At the international leading position in the same industry.
  • Rubber rheometer development platform based on large databases, temperature control devices using the software to directly control and collection and processing. Instrument to overcome the general curing temperature of the shortcomings of using temperature controller (accuracy poor).
  • Rubber rheometer has statistics, analysis, storage and comparison functions. Humanized design, easy to operate.
  • Have the function of comparison and amplification carve.
  • Computer controlled,application WINDOWS series operating system platform.
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Product description

A rheometer is a device used to measure the rheological properties of materials; rheology being defined as the study of the flow and deformation of matter, which describes the interrelation between force, deformation and time.

Unlike a viscometer, which can only measure the viscosity of a fluid under a limited range of conditions, a rheometer is capable of measuring viscosity and elasticity of non-Newtonian materials under a wide range of conditions. Some of the most important properties that can be measured using a rheometer include viscoelasticity, yield stress, thixotropy, extensional viscosity, creep compliance and stress relaxation behavior, as well as process relevant parameters such as die swell, melt fracture.


Main functions

The Rubber Rheometer Moving Die Rheometer measures the change in stiffness of a rubber sample. The sample is compressed between two heated platens and by an applied oscillating force. The degree of vulcanization determines the cure characteristic of the sample as it is heated and compressed. Our Moving Die Rheometer offers affordable testing and stunning results. 

The Servo driven system provides extremely steady oscillation frequencies as well as low noise to ensure test accuracy, convenience and increased lifespan of the machine. Operated with a remote computer via RS-232, you can analyze results taking data at 100,000 readings per second. The machine allows for selectable times and torques during setup or in testing to accommodate limitless configurations. You can monitor the test from the computer or large LCD displays on the front for in test evaluation. The design features Modular internal parts for in house servicing and overall easy maintenance.

DZ-321 Rubber Rheometer Moving Die Rheometer controlled by computer, the computer setting the parameters of the direct control of test parameters rheometer. Display real-vulcanization curve and temperature curve, store test results, different adjustable comparison of test results and in a different color.

Specific Parameter

ModelDZ-321 Rubber Rheometer Moving Die Rheometer
StandardGB/T16584    IS06502
Temperatureroom temperature to 200 Centigrade
Heating-up15 Centigrade/min
Temperature fluctuation≤ ±0.3 Centigrade
Temperature resolution0.1 Centigrade
Torque range0-5N.M,0-10N.M,0-20N.M
Torque resolution0.001NM
Power50HZ, ~220V±10%
Air-pressure requirment0.5Mpa–0.65MPa (user prepare the dia 8 trachea)
Environment temperature10 Centigrade–20 Centigrade
Humidity range55–75%RH
Compressed air0.35-0.40Mpa
Swing frequency100r/min (about 1.67HZ)
Swing angle±0.5 Centigrade ,±1 Centigrade , ±3 Centigrade
Printingdate, time, temperature,vulcanization curve,temperature curve, ML,MH,ts1,ts2,t10 ,t50, Vc1, Vc2

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