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Household freeze drying equipment

Freeze-drying equipment, also known as household-type freeze dryer, home freeze dryer, is a small vacuum freeze dryer. Freeze dryer is use Imported compressor, stable and reliable performance;It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight and easy operation.Apply to the family, online shop a small amount of freeze-dried use, widely adapted to fruits, meat, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, health products, etc. freeze-drying.

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Product Description

Freeze Dryer for Home adopts vacuum freeze drying technology to remove the inside water on condition of no damage to the raw material’s taste and nutrition.It is easy to operate and observe the drying process and development.The freezing and drying process are finished in one machine, avoid complicated operation and raw material being polluted.

Household freeze-drying equipment apply to the family, online shop a small amount of freeze-dried use, widely adapted to fruits, meat, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, health products, etc. freeze-drying.

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Main Features of Food Freeze Dryer

1. Perfect appearance, compact size;
2. Touch screen operation, one-button start, automatic control of freeze-drying process, easy and convenient
3. Key components with imported brands, small noise, large capacity, high quality and high performance;
4. Advanced system, with low operating current and low energy consumption;
5. SUS304stainless steel material plate and inside liner, safety and easy clean;
6. Transparent plexiglass door for easy observation of material freeze drying process
7. Self-setting and real-time adjustment of the freeze-drying process, showing freeze-drying data and freeze-drying curves.
8. Fast defrosting technology, over temperature automatic protection

Technical parameters of Food Freeze Dryer

Dry area0.1m20.4m20.6m2
Layer size140*278mm200*450mm300*400mm
Barrier layer3 layers4 layers4 layers
Vacuum degree15Pa15Pa15Pa
Temperature of cold trap-40℃-40℃-40℃
Voltage220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/ 50Hz

Application of Home freeze dryer


Advantages of  Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze drying is a method that can be applied to any food item (even to ice creams !) … These products are used by people practicing outdoor activities (Backpacking, Mountain biking, Sailing, Kayaking, self-sufficient Running, Trail running …) or by those who just want to be prepared and have a food source for use in survival situations.

Below are the reasons why people use freeze dried products :

Taste and appearance : freeze dried products taste and look like fresh products. Freeze drying does not shrink or harden the food, it rather preserves its aroma, shape, flavor… Once rehydrated, food products are like their fresh counterparts.

Shelf life : freeze dried products have a very long shelf life. When the product is properly stored, food can last between 15 and 25 years. Even beyond this period, products will remain safe to eat, their flavor and nutrition values will be just as good as the day they were freeze dried. In comparison, dehydrated food only can last 4 years, and frozen products only 2 years.

Nutrition values : freeze drying causes only little damage to food. Freeze-dried products maintain around 95% of their nutrients throughout the freeze drying process. Other methods, like dehydration, keep only 60% of the nutritional value because the heat used during the process breaks down some of the food’s vitamins and minerals.

Weight and space : once the water is removed from the foods, they become very light. For example, the water content of vegetables, fruits, or dairies, exceeds 80%, cooked pasta contain around 70% of water, fish and meat contain between 65 and 70% of water, some products such as butter contain a little amount of water. Additionally, freeze drying is highly space-efficient; it allows you to stockpile more food in your storage space or to carry several units in your backpack.

Preparation : freeze dried meals prepare easy and quickly, all you need to do is add hot or cold water depending on the menu, wait a few minutes and ‘voila’… your food is ready for eating ! Today, manufacturers are able to offer a large range of freeze dried meals. From breakfast to dessert, every meal can be freeze dried. From aligot to paella, through scrambled eggs and apple sauce, today thanks to the freeze-drying process, you can enjoy eating healthy and varied meals even in the open sea or on top of a mountain.

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Our Services/Warranty

1. The period, scope and condition of the warranty.
(1)We offer 1 years warranty on the date of shipping from China. During the warranty time, because of manufacturing&quality
problem, we offer replacement, maintenance service.
(2)The damage caused by the transportation problem shall be borne by the seller.

2. How to solve the problem of your equipment?
Please send us email of the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better. we will find the problem and tell you how to
solve it. If there is a broken, we will send you a new part, and it is free in the warranty period.

3.How to shipping the replacement parts?
We will according the actual situation to choose the suitable shipping ways. For small parts we shippin by Express.

4. Could you do customized for us?
We are a manufacturer that can provide all kinds of customized services.

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