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Vacuum Tube Furnace

This tube furnace uses 1800 type silicon molybdenum rod as heating element, adopts double-layer shell structure and 50-stage program temperature control system, phase shift trigger, thyristor control, furnace with alumina polycrystalline fiber material, double There is an air-cooling system between the furnace shells, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature.

The ends of the corundum tubes are sealed with stainless steel flanges. The flow rate is controlled by a flow meter. The furnace has a warm field balance, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving. The advantages are the ideal products for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiment and vacuum annealing in universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

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Product Description

tube furnace is an electric heating device used to conduct syntheses and purifications of inorganic compounds and occasionally in organic synthesis. One possible design consists of a cylindrical cavity surrounded by heating coils that are embedded in a thermally insulating matrix. Temperature can be controlled via feedback from a thermocouple. More elaborate tube furnaces have two (or more) heating zones useful for transport experiments.

Some digital temperature controllers provide an RS-232 interface, and permit the operator to program segments for uses like ramping, soaking, sintering, and more. Advanced materials in the heating elements, such as molybdenum disilicide offered in certain models can now produce working temperatures up to 1800 °C. This facilitates more sophisticated applications. Common material for the reaction tubes include alumina, Pyrex, and fused quartz, or in the case of corrosive materials molybdenum or tungsten tubes can be used.

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Features of Laboratory Tube Furnace

  • High purity alumina fiber insulation surrounding the chamber provides maximum energy efficiency.
  • Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan to keep furnace exteriors safe to touch.
  • Doble layer sreel case with forced air cooling to ensure lower saferface temperature.
  • One optional venting port is built on the top of furnace,need at extra cost .

Technical parameters of Tube Furnace

Rated Voltage & Power:AC 220V 50/60Hz,4kw.
Inner Chamber Size:Quartz tube OD60mmx heating zone 400L ,

Tube OD 40-200mm or bigger;

Single/ 2/3/5 or more heating zone optional.

Each zone: 150/200/300/400/600mm optional;

Max. Temperature:1200.C for short time ;
Continuous Working Temperature:1100.C Max.
Max. Heating Rate:0-30.C /min, suggest to be 20.C/Min;
Temperature Controller:PID automatic control and auto-tune function,

30 programmable segments for precise process.

Temperature Accuracy:+/- 1 .C.
Heating Element:1200.C grade Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo.
Thermocouple :K type
Vacuum:rough vacuum -0.1Mpa, 5000pa,10Pa, 1.33×10^-1Pa, 1.33×10^-3Pa optional;
Vacuum gague :regular vacuum gagule(-0.1-0.15Mpa),Digital vacuum gague, resistance vacuum gague (10*5Pa-10*-1Pa),composite vacuum gague (10*5Pa-10*-5Pa) optional;
AtmosphereInert gas,N2,O2,CO2,Air gas available.
Gas mixing system:(optional)2/3/4/5 Float flowmeter gas control/MFC gas control system; With One mixing tank;

flowmeter range: 0.03-0.3SLM,10-100SCCM,16-160ml/min,25-250cc/min optional;

For precision gas control, Need use digital mass flow Control system.

Flow range: SCCM 0~5,10,20,30,50,100,200,500

SLM 0~1, 2, 3, 5, 10,15, 20, 30

Standard Parts:Crucible tongs 1pc, high temperature gloves 1 pair , one user manual.
Optional parts:PLC touch screen controller, paperless recorder,Remote communication control system, 2-3 gas channels mixing system desktop.

Application of Tube Furnace

Tube furnace Mainly used in chemical analysis, physical decomposition and synthesis, super hard materials (such as ceramic), Rare and precious metal smelting and purification, metal heat treatment of sintering process research and other scientific experiments. Universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, medical and health, petroleum chemical industry, mining enterprise, quality and technology supervision agencies, and other units laboratory, laboratory are the use of such equipment.

1200 Degree Horizontal Tube Furnace Application Notes:

(1)Furnace tube pressure can not be higher than 0.02MPa
(2)As the internal pressure of the cylinder is high, so the gas into the furnace tube, the cylinder must be installed on the valve, the proposed purchase of the company pressure valve, the company valve range of 0.01MPa-0.1MPa, Will be more accurate and safe
(3)When the furnace temperature is higher than 1000 ℃, the furnace tube can not be in a vacuum state, the furnace pressure and atmospheric pressure equivalent to maintain the atmospheric pressure
(4)The gas flow into the furnace tube should be less than 200 SCCM to avoid the impact of cold airflow on the heated quartz tube.

Warranty: One year limited warranty with lifetime support, excluding heating element,cooling fans, thermocouple and ceramic tube damaged by user.

Attention: Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases, and any damage from wrong operate and use are not under the coverage of One Year Limited Warranty.

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