Ultra low temperature freezers (ULT freezers) typically have a temperature range of -45C to -86C and are used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, cell preparations, and tissue samples, among others. There are several designs for ultra low temperature freezers with varying sizes depending on how much storage is needed and available footprint space. For frequent use, an upright ULT freezer allows easy access, individual adjustable interior compartments, and fast cooling after opening. A chest ULT freezer gives you safe long-term storage for lesser-used items. Table-top and under-bench ULT freezers are also available. With removable inventory racks, an ultra low temperature freezer can be used to store both freezer boxes and larger items. Look for good temperature control in fluctuating voltage conditions or extreme ambient temperature, and a range of temperature controls from simple manual settings to remote electronic monitoring with alarm systems.