Single layer glass reactor is composed of a mechanical part, the governor, the heating portion and the glass part of the four major components of its structure. The key pieces of machinery parts, main pole, chassis, etc made of high quality stainless steel shell, with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant glass blocks all with borosilicate glass production.

The reactor can make a variety of solutions reactions at a constant temperature. The parts of the reactor are controlled and sealed that can use negative pressure as inhalation of different gases and liquids will make the reflux as a result of different temperatures.

The single-layer glass reactor is a multifunctional single glass layer reactor widely in chemical, biological pharmaceutical products synthesis, fine chemicals industries, and in production and experiment plants. The product is used with water that is circulating in the vacuum pump, circulating oil bath as a system device applicable for pilot production.

Desktop Single Layer Glass Reactor 500mL 1L 2L 3L 5L

Main Fratures
  • 5 options of standard volumes: 500ml,1L, 2L, 3L, 5L.(Other volumes available upon request.)
  • Desktop structure to save space (floor-stand models are available).
  • Temperature Range: -60C to 200C.
  •  Fast shipping: standard models are in stock and ready to ship.
  • All the wetted parts are made of boro 3.3 glass or PTFE.
  • Zero-dead-space bottom valve design.
Available models
  • 1L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-1
  • 2L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-2
  • 3L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-3
  • 5L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-5

Large-scale Single Layer Glass Reactor 10L 20L 30L 50L 80L 100L 200L

Main Fratures
  • 8 options of standard volumes: 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, 150L, 200L
  • Temperature Range: -60C to 200C Quick and flexible customization
  • Fast shipping: standard models are in stock and ready to ship
  • All the wetted parts are made of boro 3.3 glass or PTFE.
  • Zero-dead-space bottom valve design.
Available models
  • 10L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-10
  • 20L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-20
  • 30L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-30
  • 50L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-50
  • 80L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-80
  • 100L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-100
  • 200L Single Layer Glass Reactor F-200

Structure of Single Layer Glass Reactor

Single layer glass reactor is an equipment which is a collaboration of vacuum state, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil/water heating, heating mantle. It can do all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at a constant temperature condition. It is also a colsed system on the whole. Circulating water vacuum pump can pump into the reactor sorts of liquids and gases. The reflux or distillation is possible under different temperature state.

The single layer glass reactor has water/oil heating bath or heating mantle itself. Water/oil bath temperature is digital display, which can meet constant temperature state,fast temp. rising, accurate controllers.1-50L is circular and more than 50L is cylinder. After heating we can add the cooling coil in the tank to cool the material in short time.

How a Single-layer Glass Reactor Works

The single-layer glass reactors work through the oil bath pot called the tank, and in a constant temperature that can either be low or high temperature. The reactor can process stirring reactions in the vacuum, condensation and distillation reaction processes, extracting and separation, and heat of response experiments.

Water can be passing through the system by condensing coil around the oil collector to achieve the results of the faster cooling process, the reaction of the contents inside the reactor, and controlling the rate of reacting solution from evaporation and reflux.

When the reaction is complete, the contents can now be released by opening the reactor’s lid or discharger port.

Features of Single-layer Glass Reactor

  1. A glass of G3.3, GG17 which is of high borosilicate. The glass has excellent physical and chemical performance, resists corrosion, and wear.
  2. It is applicable to work under average pressure and negative pressure that can be up to -0.098 MPa.
  3. It is applicable to conduct experiments under the low temperatures of -800c, normal temperatures, and high temperatures up to 2000c reaction conditions.
  4. The stirring valve, the reactor, and the sealing in the stirring shafts are made from unique, high-quality material that is corrosion resistance and wears resistance.
  5. The process of distillation and reflux can be done at the same time. Has the advantage to save time in the processing stage.
  6. When discharging a solution, no liquid will remain.
  7. The charging valve is large and has no dead spaces and is anti-corrosion, as well can contain both liquid and solid materials.
  8. There is an obvious display of data information and control plane, speed of rotation, and is digitally displayed.
  9. It has a large access opening that is convenient for cleaning and washing.

The Applications of Single Layer Glass Reactors

A single layer glass reactor has several applications in daily life. It is a vessel that comes in different designs. Based on the design, it can be applied in laboratory tests, chemistry, and biology and even in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is essential to check on the size of the glass before you can proceed to order it. Some applications will require large sizes of reactor glass. Take into consideration the specific use you would like to expose the glass reactor before you can proceed to order the glass reactor. The vessel allows control of temperature and pressure, which creates the perfect environment for chemical reactions.

1. The Applications of Single Layer Glass Reactor in Lab

There are several laboratory experiments that require control of pressure and temperature. The glass reactor plays a significant role in the control of such laboratory tests. You will find the applications of single glass reactor in the laboratory in areas such as the following:

  • Scientific research experiments

Scientists research controlled environments. They rely on the laboratory tests to come up with consultations. The glass reactor plays a significant role in laboratory tests. The experts can have full control of different parameters which makes it possible for them to come up with a conclusion about mixed reactions.

  • Study of fine chemicals

The fine chemicals are used in a wide range of applications. The scientists have to establish their reaction with other chemicals in the industry. They rely on laboratory batch studies of such chemicals from where they can make informed decisions. It is possible for experts to apply them and realize great performance. There are several applications of the fine chemicals which have contributed to the discovery of new products. A single glass reactor allows experts to experiment with controlled environments.

2. The Applications of Single Glass Reactor in Chemistry


A single glass reactor allows the regulation of pressure and temperature during the reaction process. It is widely applied in the field of chemistry to come up with a wide range of products. Here are some of the applications of the single-layer glass reactor in chemistry:

  • Solvent synthesis at a constant temperature

There are times when the experts will like to synthesize solvents at a constant temperature. They rely on the single glass reactor to carry out the process. The fact that the experts can control the temperature under which the experiments are carried out makes it easy for them to carry out a wide range of experiments. The process proves to be highly effective when carried out under a controlled environment.

  • Reflux reaction

There are some processes that involve heating liquids after which the vapor is condensed. The reflux reaction plays a great role in the condensation of the liquid. You can rely on the reaction to achieve great performance in the production of different chemicals. The reactors can be scaled up to achieve industrial-scale production.

3. The Applications of Single Glass Reactor in Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry relies on a single glass reactor to carry out several processes that lead to the production of pharmaceutical products. The vessels allow subjecting of reagents to controlled temperature and pressure which contribute towards the creation of a wide range of products.

Here are some of the applications of single glass reactor in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Dissolution of solids

Some solids have specific chemical properties that require them to be dissolved at a given temperature and pressure. The glass reactor provides the perfect environment for the dissipation of such products. The experts in the industry apply glass reactors of different sizes to carry out the dissolution process.

  • Product mixing

There are times when different products have to be mixed at specific ratios to bring about their chemical effects. The application of glass reactors in the pharmaceutical industry allows for the perfect mixing of the different ingredients which lead to the production of specific products.

  • Pharmaceutical processes

There are several pharmaceutical processes that experts have to carry out. For example, they need to carry out hydrogenation, nitration, alkylation, condensation, polymerization, among other processes. It is the duty of the experts to carry out such procedures in controlled environments so that they can achieve specific results. The application of the glass reactors plays a significant role in such a given case.

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