Food vacuum freeze-drying machine, referred to as food freeze-drying machine, is the use of sublimation principle, the water-bearing food materials, first frozen into solid temperature, and then in the vacuum environment, the water in it from solid without liquid directly sublimate into gas, remove water and preserve food materials.

The whole operation of food lyophilizer is liquid → solid → gaseous process.

The technology of food vacuum freeze-drying machine is widely used in various food freeze-drying processing, which is used by major enterprises for fruit and vegetable freeze-drying, meat freeze-drying, coffee freeze-drying, probiotics freeze-drying, edible bacteria freeze-drying, Traditional Chinese medicine freeze-drying and pet food freeze-drying, etc., because food freeze-drying machine has obvious technical advantages, the main body is as follows:

  • Drying at low temperatures, the thermosensitive components of the material such as proteins, vitamins, microorganisms and other bioactive components are fully protected.
  • When drying at low temperature, the loss of volatile components in food is relatively small.
  • When drying at low temperature, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes basically stop, and the food largely maintains the original character.
  • Drying is carried out in a vacuum environment under the state of poor oxygen, some easily oxidized components in food damage is reduced.
  • After vacuum freeze-drying, the food has no additives and the natural nutrients are basically retained.
  • After low-temperature vacuum drying, the volume of food basically remains unchanged, showing loose and porous spongy shape, with strong rehydration.
  • 95% ~ 99% water is removed in the freeze-drying process of food, and the dried freeze-dried food can be preserved for a long time at room temperature.
  • Remove moisture food material is light in quality, convenient to carry and transport.

Compared with hot drying, microwave drying, low temperature frying and spray drying, food vacuum freeze dryer technology has obvious advantages, so the majority of food processing enterprises use freeze drying technology to develop food deep processing, so that consumers can enjoy more nutritious and healthy food.