Each year, a lot of new chemical compounds are developed. Its purpose is to continue to be designed beyond previous limitation. Whatever it is inner-layer or double-layer glass reactor, it all includes some similar features. For example, they have the same application. They are commonly used in the experiment, middle scale text, the production of chemistry, engineering, biological pharmacy. The inner layer can be led into regents and vacuum can be taken out. These syntheses require many types of reactors which can be closely monitored and controlled. Furthermore, the glass reactor can be divided into the glass-lined and double-lined reactor.

Within the current production of glass reaction kettle sandwich can pass into the different cold heat circulation fluid (water/hot oil/coolant), in a sealed glass container reactant mixing reflected in the atmospheric pressure or negative pressure, transparent reaction process be clear at a glance, is a modern biological pharmaceutical, fine chemical, new material synthesis of an ideal experimental test equipment.

Selection of materials and technical features of glass reactor

1. Due to the materials used in the glass reactor (GG17 high borosilicate glass), excellent materials and chemical properties are available. In the stirring process of frequency control, it will be stable, and no spark will be generated even if the torque is high.
2. In addition, the modules are sealed with tetrafluorine, which can maintain a good vacuum degree (generally around -0.095mpa) in the same kind of products in the market, maintain a high-precision sealing in the working state, and there is a chip collecting groove.
3. Mechanical seal of alloy steel, ptfe connector, and high precision seal under working condition.
4. Pt100 sensor probe, with high temperature accuracy and small error, can effectively improve work efficiency
5. Teflon discharge valve, movable interface, quick discharge.
6. The refrigerated or heated solutions in the interlayer of the glass reactor can be completely discharged without liquid accumulation after the reaction
7. The whole stainless steel column mobile frame structure, five reactor cover, complete set of glass such as reflux, liquid addition and temperature measurement.
8. Strong torque, no noise. Japanese technology ac gear motor adopted
9. The double teflon agitator of glass reactor is suitable for mixing and mixing of low to high viscosity liquid.

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