Ultra low temperature freezers (ULT freezers) typically have a temperature range of -45C to -86C and are used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, cell preparations, and tissue samples, among others. There are several designs for ultra low temperature freezers with varying sizes depending on how much storage is needed and available footprint space. For frequent use, an upright ULT freezer allows easy access, individual adjustable interior compartments, and fast cooling after opening.

A chest ULT freezer gives you safe long-term storage for lesser-used items. Table-top and under-bench ULT freezers are also available. With removable inventory racks, an ultra low temperature freezer can be used to store both freezer boxes and larger items. Look for good temperature control in fluctuating voltage conditions or extreme ambient temperature, and a range of temperature controls from simple manual settings to remote electronic monitoring with alarm systems.

What is an Ultra freezer?

The Ultra Freezer is one of the main tools used in research laboratories. The ULT freezer safeguards biological samples by keeping them at very low temperatures.

The operating temperature can range from -45°C to -86°C. Several features make an ultra low freezer an extremely reliable solution for laboratory research.

Let us resume them below, thanks to our 50 years experience in the field and our collaboration with some of the most important laboratory researchers throughout the world.

Advantage of Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers for Modern Lab

1. Sample Safety

ULT freezers have been designed with sample safety as their priority. When labs use faulty equipment, thousands of dollars’ worth of specimens can be destroyed. ULT freezers provide temperature stability in the internal chambers, which preserve the most valuable samples.

Keeping specimens intact provides staff with peace of mind. Most freezer models are equipped with a seven-point contact silicone gasket, which prevents heat leaks. Also, this feature will preserve the specimens in a power failure. Additionally, ULT freezers are designed to quickly recover the low temperatures after the doors have been opened. Modern lab freezers will ensure your stored samples remain in stable condition.

2. Energy Efficiency

Modern ULT freezers not only function well, but also conserve energy. While there are many manufacturers’ models to choose from, most ULT freezers use about 25% less energy than standard laboratory equipment. Since they use less energy, ultra-low temperature freezers emit less heat.

Moreover, ULT freezers are much quieter. They have a softer noise output, and will ensure a more functional work environment.

Using less energy will also save your lab money. Less energy use means operational savings. ULT freezers are not only a vital part of effective research, but also for ensuring your lab remains as cost efficient as possible.

3. More Size Options

Ultra-Low temperature freezers are sold by a variety of manufacturers in different models. No matter your storage needs, there are several ULT freezers to choose from to find the perfect fit for your lab. For a lab with a large volume of specimens and frequent use, an upright ultra-low temperature freezer permits easy access. Moreover, upright freezers have adjustable inner shelves and compartments, and usually cool much faster after it’s been opened.

There are also medium-sized “chest” ULT freezers. These freezers guarantee safe, long-term storage for samples. Chest-sized ultra-low temperature freezers are perfect for labs that don’t need to remove samples from storage on a frequent basis.

ULT freezers come in even more compact options. For a smaller volume of materials, you can select a tabletop or under-bench model. Before choosing a size, take your clinic’s specimen intake into account. While most ULT freezers feature adjustable shelving and removable pieces, it’s important to ensure your freezer will meet your storage needs.

4. Keep Your Samples Secure

Keeping your samples secure is highly important. Most of the ultra-low temperature freezers on the market come with a range of security features. Security features are vital for a ULT freezer with many users.

There are ULT freezers available that can only be accessed with an authorized keycard. With some, an alarm feature can be activated that will alert staff of an unauthorized user.

Some freezers even have fingerprint scanning, which guarantees your samples will not be compromised.

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