With the popularity of freeze-dried foods, there are machines that can freeze-dry dehydration at home. Because at present, the price of freeze-dried food is relatively high, so the household freeze-drying machine can facilitate people who like freeze-dried food to eat the freeze-dried food they want at any time. At the same time, for some of the family too late to eat the food materials, can also be processed, to prevent corruption because of not eating in time.

Characteristics of household lyophilizer

1, simple operation. The operating system of the home lyophilizer is one-button, put the processed ingredients in, press the start button, and you are done.

2, protection function. There are various protection functions inside the equipment, which can safely complete the whole freeze-drying process, and also ensure the effect of freeze-drying.

3. Control ability. Household lyophilizer has a strong control ability in refrigeration and vacuum, the noise of the working process is small, will not produce additional noise, and the drying effect on food is also very good.

4. Security. The interior of the lyophilizer is made of food-grade stainless steel. There is no need to worry about food safety when using it.

The scope of application of household lyophilizer

Our common vegetables, fruits, meat products, dairy products can be treated with lyophilizer. Some rare medicinal materials that are difficult to preserve can also be preserved after being processed by the dryer, which is not only convenient for preservation, but also not easy to eat because of improper preservation.

Home lyophilizer has many advantages, its use is also many, it can meet the daily use of most of us, for the preservation of food and medicine in the family, is a good helper. Excellent safety performance, so that we do not have to worry about safety problems.