The lab glass reactor has a wide application range in biology, chemical engineering and pharmacy industries, it can conduct vacuum stirring reaction in normal or reduced pressure, as well as the backflow and distillation of reaction solvents. The distilled solvents could be discharged through PTFE valve at the bottom, really convenient and efficient.

The temperature precision of lab reactor is important for temperature control and experiment efficiency. Today we’ll talk about what decides the temperature precision of lab glass reactor.

1.Whether the insulating layer of lab reactor is reasonable;

2.Whether the lab reactor structure is reasonable;

3.Whether the lab reactor connection joints are reasonable placed and connected;

4.Whether the temperature source of lab glass reactor is qualified;

5.Whether the temperature source configuration and power is suitable.

Above are the five factors that may influence the temperature precision of a lab glass reactor. Users may come across minor failure during the operation of lab glass reactor, please follow up following methods to troubleshoot, otherwise, please contact Lanphan technicist for assistance.

1.If power on while indicator doesn’t light, maybe external power is down or bad contact.

2.Protective tube has short circuit, please power off and replace a new protective tube.

3.If power indicator light on but the lab reactor doesn’t run, maybe the rotation axis has rusting.

4.If the vacuum suddenly appear during operation, maybe it is caused by glass crack or broken switch.

5.Failure to pump vacuum, maybe the sealing ring is damaged or vacuum switch has leakage.

6.The vacuum tube should be replaced in time in case of aging. Screw tight the motor axis if loosen.

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