A rotary evaporator (Rotovap) is a piece of machinery or equipment used in the creation of some cannabis concentrates. A rotary evaporator evaporates and recovers pricey ethanol from ethanol-extracted concentrates.

Rotary evaporators are one of the key steps in creating butane hash oil (BHO) and other cannabis concentrates. Using the rotary evaporator helps effectively concentrate the oil to a concentration of 15 to 40 per cent. It also purges the solvents from the finished product and recovers them, making the oil exceptionally pure.

A rotation evaporator is comprised of a boiling flask that rotates on its side to coat the interior with a thin film that greatly enhances the evaporation process. The use of a vacuum helps protect fragile substances that might be sensitive to excessive heat. Many commercial companies manufacturer rotary evaporators.

The working principle of Rotary evaporation

The rotary evaporator (Rotovap) principle is that the boiling points of liquids reduces on decreasing their pressure, allowing solvents to be vaporized at much lower temperatures than their boiling points at normal pressure. Vacuum system is necessary to accomplish whole procedure, select a suitable vacuum pump for your rotovap will efficiently improved the evaporation efficiency. A condenser at the other end converts the gas back to liquid, which requires lowered temperatures. To achieve cooling effect, dry ice, water, or liquid nitrogen always been used. The evaporation vessel constantly rotates. This tactic aims to increase the surface area of the liquids. The centrifugal force keeps the liquid sticking to the inner surface of the vessel, exposing a larger surface area and causing faster evaporation.

Applications of rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator (Rotovap) is mainly used for continuous distillation of a large number of volatile solvents under reduced pressure conditions.In particular, the concentration of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid in the chromatographic separation can separate and purify the reaction product. The application of rotary evaporator is mainly in the scientific research and production process of pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. Its functions are evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery. The principle of constant temperature heating film evaporation under vacuum negative pressure condition was developed. Customers can choose different models according to different needs.

Rotary evaporators are used in teaching experiments in the laboratory. During the experiment, when the evaporation bottle was placed on the table, it was not easy to roll, not easy to break, and the school’s experimental expenses were reduced.

In recent years, the application of rotary evaporator has been extended to the cooking industry.Molecular cooking is a science that applies the principles of chemistry and physics to cooking.To some extent, molecular cooking has been promoted to be a proper term for describing innovative cooking styles. It is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and even psychology. The use of a rotary evaporator to non-heat evaporate liquid, thus retaining volatile aromatics that are easily lost by heating, is a perfect combination of modern culinary and experimental instruments.

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