What is a vacuum filter?

acuum filter is also known as vacuum nutsche filter, it is equipped with micro-filtration membrane in different apertures and adopts vacuum filtration technique. A vacuum nutsche filter is the basic lab equipment for vacuum filtration. The vacuum nutsche filter is used to remove and test the particle and germ in liquids, widely applied in chemical analysis, instrumental analysis, health inspection, manufacturing, agricultural machinery, automobile, construction machinery industries.

Where does a vacuum filter apply to?

A vacuum nutsche filter can be used for the liquid filtration in chemical analysis, instrumental analysis, health inspection, pharmacy industries, etc. A vacuum filter is applicable for sterility test, culture medium degerming and filtration, small and medium-sized power internal combustion engine cleaning, gravimetric method measurement for jet fuel and hydraulic system particulate pollutants. A vacuum nutsche filter is applicable for the counting method measurement of hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, high purity reagents and water quality.

Features of vacuum nutsche filter?

The vacuum filter use thicken stainless steel upright structure, steady and convenient for vessel to place on base and receive filtered liquids.

Our vacuum filter is double-sealed by fluororubber and teflon material between flanges, long service life, anticorrosion and high vacuum degree.

Glass parts use GG-17 high borosilicate glass, which has excellent chemical and physical performance.

Use PTFE hand wheel valve, which is anticorrosion, good sealing and easy operation.

The bottom of vacuum nutsche filter is equipped with universal wheel to convenient for movement.

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