Heating and cooling circulators bath can effectively protect the normal use of all kinds of precision equipment and laboratory instruments under the environment of lack of water source, water quality, water pressure and water temperature, and high temperature working conditions.

What’s heating and cooling circulators bath?

The liquid circulation of the entire system of the high and low temperature circulation bath is closed type, in this closed system, there is no absorption of water vapor at low temperature, and no oil mist is generated at high temperature. The heat transfer oil can have a wide working temperature. One heating and cooling circulating machine can control the temperature from -95 ℃ to 200 ℃ with the same heat conducting medium.

The flow of the circulating pump of the high and low temperature circulation device can be adjusted or customized, which greatly meets the actual needs of different users.

Features of heating and cooling circulators bath

1.Using American Valley Wheel Emerson, France hundred years Taikang, Germany Danfus and other brands of imported compressors.

2.The whole liquid circulation is a fully enclosed system. The thermal conductive fluid is not volatile and oxidized at high temperature. It is not easy to absorb the moisture in the air at low temperature, extend the service life of the heat transfer fluid, and the oil change is not required during heating and cooling.

3.Plate heat exchanger is used in refrigeration and heat exchanger, which has high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area per unit volume, small heat loss and 35% higher heat transfer ratio than that of coil tube.

4.Liquid level display function, monitor liquid level at any time, avoid lack of liquid.

5.Digital explicit temperature control, PID temperature control technology, overtemperature power cut-off and dry burning protection function is simple to operate.

6.The temperature probe is PT100 sensor.

Application of heating and cooling circulators bath

  • Temperature control of jacketed or double jacketed reactors used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological industries.
  • Temperature control of material testing.
  • Temperature control during distillation process.
  • Analog control of temperature changes during a certain process.
  • Thermostatic control system.
  • Temperature control of semiconductor device.
  • Temperature control of thermal testing platform.
  • Temperature control of vacuum chambers.

How to use heating and cooling circulators bath correctly?

1. The high and low temperature circulation device should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the back and sides should be 400mm away from obstacles. Liquid media should be added only before use.

2. The working power supply should be determined according to the model of the heating and cooling circulators bath. The power of the power supply should be greater than or equal to the total power of the temperature control bath. The power supply must have a good “grounding” device.

3. After use, all switches must be turned off before unplugging the power plug.

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