Low temperature coolant circulation pump also know as Low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump. This device adopt mechanical refrigeration, the main function is provide low temperature liquid, low temperature water bath . It can also connect with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven , cycle water vacuum pump , magnetic stirrer and so on , to achieve the chemical reaction or drug store under low temperature condition.

Low temperature cooling circulating water vacuum pump is the latest development of our factory, it is a combination of vacuum pump and cryogenic cooling pump. It can not only draw the vacuum, but also can provide the low temperature cooling water, it is a good auxiliary equipment of vacuum distillation and vacuum distillation. Specially adapted to the equipment equipped with rotary evaporator, not only reduces the use of space, but also reduces the degree of vacuum, saving water resources, is widely used in modern laboratory equipment.

Characteristics of low temperature coolant circulation pump

1. The most famous compressors come from internationally renowned manufacturers with advanced performance and reliable quality.
2. Refrigeration unit special relays, protectors, capacitors, etc. all use imported high-quality components to ensure reliability and service life.
3. Digital display temperature control, easy to operate, eye-catching.
4. A variety of functions, can provide low temperature high quality cooling water, low temperature non-refrigerating liquid, small low temperature water bath. It can be combined with circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, vacuum freeze drying oven, rotary evaporator, magnetic stirrer, etc., for chemical reaction operation and drug storage under multifunctional low temperature conditions. It can cooperate with all kinds of large-scale precision equipment to overcome the problem of poor cooling water quality, high temperature and unstable water pressure.
5. The circulation system is made of stainless steel and has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-cold liquid pollution.
6. For high-purity metals, rare substance purification, environmental test chambers and magnetron measurement, vacuum coating equipment and other large-scale valuable experimental equipment, can provide cooling water, water saving, anti-fouling to meet the dual requirements of temperature, water quality and energy saving. The anti-fouling function can effectively protect large-scale precision instruments and equipment.
7. This machine is equipped with a circulating cooling body, which is small in size and reasonable in power supply, which fully displays the space saving features.
8. Meet various practical conditions

The cryogenic coolant circulation pump, as a refrigeration unit for glass reactors, can reach a minimum temperature of -120 °C. Both the cryopump and the glass reactor have a supply voltage of 220V, so they are a good pair of partners. The cryopump is equipped with a circulation pump that continuously delivers the coolant to the location where it is used.

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