The vertical condenser on a rotary evaporator is a key component that is used to condense the solvent vapors that are produced during the evaporation process. As the solvent is heated in the flask, it evaporates and rises up into the vertical condenser, where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid form. The condensed liquid then drips back down into the flask or collection vessel, leaving behind a more concentrated sample.

The vertical condenser is typically made of glass or other heat-resistant material and is positioned above the sample flask. It consists of a long, narrow tube that is coiled or otherwise arranged in a way that maximizes its surface area, allowing for efficient cooling and condensation of the solvent vapor. The condenser is connected to a coolant source, such as a water bath or chiller, which circulates cool water or other fluid through the condenser to facilitate the condensation process.


The vertical condenser on a rotary evaporator serves a couple important purposes:

  1. Condense vapors – As solvent vapors evaporate from the rotating flask, they rise up into the vertical condenser. The cold condenser then condenses the vapors back into liquid form so the solvent can collect in the receiver flask.
  2. Prevent bumping – The vertical orientation prevents condensed liquid from flowing back down into the evaporation flask. This avoids potential bumping and disruption of the evaporation.
  3. Improve efficiency – The vertical set up creates a continuous distillation process. As fresh vapor enters from the bottom, already condensed liquid flows out the top into the collection vessel.
  4. Enable recirculation – Some rotary evaporators allow coolant recirculation through the condenser in a closed loop. This improves temperature control and condensation efficiency.
  5. Provide access point – The upper joint of the condenser can be opened to add boiling chips/granules or to introduce an inert gas into the system.

So in summary, the main purpose of the vertical condenser is to create an efficient condensation system for solvent vapors that prevents bumping and enables continuous distillation, recirculation, and access. This is a key component in the gentle and controlled evaporation enabled by rotary evaporators.

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